A Mom Will Always Be A Mom – A Tribute To Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful and amazing Moms in this world. A mother is always as special for her child as her child is for her. There is a special bond that they both share even before the child is born. A special connection is formed between the two hearts. Here this beautiful poem will remind you how a mother gives away her everything to protect and raise her child. Respect her, love her, show her that she is important to you. No one can ever take her place in our lives because A Mom will always be a Mom.

Share this poem with your mothers to make them feel special:


The strongest word I have ever heard is Mom,

The foundation of our lives and the pillar of support is Mom.

The only person who stood strong with us against all odds is Mom,

The only person who believes in us when the

whole world gets against us is Mom. 


The only person who has a place before God is Mom,

The purest and the unconditional form of love

that we will find on earth is the heart of Mom.

The only place of shelter to rest when nothing

seems our way is the lap of our Mom,

The only person who can’t see tears in our eyes is Mom. 

The only person who can love us at the same time

scold us to bring us on the right path is Mom,

The source of the unlimited number of coffees

and teas during our exams is Mom.

The sleepless nights which were spent

when we were ill were by Mom,

The unlimited number of prayers and blessings

for our well-being is of Mom. 


While we were sitting in the examination hall,

the person who was asking for our strength from God was Mom,

When we were away from home the only person

who was waiting for our one phone call was Mom.

While we were busy in our world the only person

who asked if we had food or not was Mom,

Always ready with a bowl of curd and sugar

before we step out of our homes for something auspicious is Mom. 

Every time we fail any exam the only person

who stands strong and say that it’s okay,

you will surely do better the next time is Mom,

The only person on earth who can play the role

of every relationship that exists on earth

but her role is irreplaceable is Mom. 


The forever forgiver of mistakes without expecting

even a bit of our apology is Mom,

The only person who has the last share of food

after the whole family eats is Mom.

The only kingdom where no one can ever

sleep hungry is the kingdom of Mom,

The only person who does everything

without any expectations is Mom. 


The form of God on earth is Mom,

Home is heaven because of Mom.

For nine months in her gentle womb who carried us

bearing all the pain with a smile is Mom,

Love in all languages and a gift from heaven is Mom.


A friend, a philosopher a guide is Mom,

With the spine of steel and heart of pure love is Mom.

The figure of unparalleled power is Mom,

The first and the forever friend is Mom.


The stature of positivity and optimism is Mom,

The bond which keeps the family together is Mom.

The living miracle on earth is Mom,

The Ginnie of our lives is Mom.


The beginning of the life is Mom,

The fountain of tradition and spirituality is Mom.

Playing the most difficult role in life with so much ease is Mom,

The only heart which understands it all before us even saying anything is of Mom.


The only person who is working tirelessly

and with no complaints is Mom,

The only person who can serve us food at 2 am

with the same kind of love and smile is Mom.

The only person in whose praise every word looks small is Mom,

The only person for whom her child is always right is Mom. 

The bundle of unlimited advice is Mom,

The legend on her own is Mom.

The first school of the child is Mom,

The eyes through which we saw the world are of Mom. 

The first fingers which we held were of Mom,

Our voice is the melody to her ears.

The only person who became our language

when we couldn’t speak was Mom,

The lullabies and the stories which were the

reasons behind our sleep were of Mom.

Even the tiniest drop of generosity

and love that we have got in us is from our Mom,

The only person who has listened to our unlimited

and sometimes meaningless stories with great concentration is Mom.

All her emotions are beautiful, 

A heart so big that has rooms for all is of Mom. 

The masterpiece of God is Mom,

Our Superhero is our Mom. 

Owe all your greatness to your Mom, 

Owe all your successes to your Mom.

Success is when we can give back to our Mom

even a single bit of what she has done for us, 

Hug her, show her how special she is. 






A Mom will always be a Mom
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