Absolutely Nothing – Beginning of the Ending

This poem happened to me as anything. We began the ending. When everything is just so perfect there is always a fear that of being insecure about things. Maybe most of you can relate to this poem. So it begins like this:


This POEM would be one of a kind

Where I am sure of the ending LINES

And for that ending, I am writing the BEGINNING

I must not say this, but somewhere DEEP down

I always knew that the ENDING would be like this.

The BRIDGES won’t connect and there will be a break in the ridges

Somewhere I knew that the PATHS will never cross

Somewhere I was afraid of how all is so PERFECT

It’s not the kind of LIFE I have always known

Absolutely Nothing - Love


The BENCHES and the beaches

The ROADS and the bridges

The RAINS and the ridges

Your HITCHES on my glitches

The ROSES and the bouquets

The CUPCAKES and the birthdays

The WALKS and the rest

The never-ending QUEST

Those CARDS and those bands

Those FIGHTS and those ends

How I wished the roads should never END

Those messages and those LETTERS

Those old talk time VOUCHERS

It was ALL that mattered

Absolutely Nothing Poem - Love


My baseless QUESTIONS

And your glare of AFFECTION

My every possible way of wearing your PERFECTION

That mystery in your EYES

And music in your VOICE

Oh! That style of yours that made me SIGH

Your every side LOOK

I noticed through my BOOKS

And that name of MINE

Which felt BEAUTIFUL more than it ever felt before

Love Poems


How damn PERFECT it was all

The DREAMS that I sew

How could I deny that I was flying in the HUES?

On a forlorn day, the REALITY hit

Hit so hard that broke all the ILLUSIONS that life created around me

And then one day it all ENDED

Ended like it NEVER happened

It ended up in SILENCE

No GOODBYES no convincing

My lack of EXPERIENCE in handling what just happened

Absolutely Nothing


And many DAYS have passed

But the PAUSE ain’t over yet

And now I think I need to put a FULL STOP

To END what I began

To give me another CHANCE

What meant to be the sky and the MOON

POETRY and its tune

Today means to me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…


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