Angel number 1 meaning – Number of Power

 Angel number 1 meaning

Number 1 is the most powerful in numerology. It has the power of the sun, the symbol of power.



Angel number 1



Our guardian angels keep guiding us in different ways. One such way is letting us come across certain numbers regularly. 

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Number 1 is the number of new beginnings and leadership as per numerology.

Let’s understand what this powerful angel number 1 contains in it for you:


New beginnings and new possibilities

1 is the initial number hence it signifies new beginnings. Start of a fresh year. When you are repeatedly seeing number 1 it means that your life is going to take a new and exciting turn. Something exciting is waiting for you in the next turn. Whether it’s about finding the job, something that you have always desired of or getting your dream come true, number 1 is indicating that you will surely have a chance of making your dream fulfilled.



angel number 1 meaning



Believe in yourself

You can only achieve your dreams if you have complete faith in yourself. Believe yourself. You can and you will. Number 1 signifies that you have to follow your gut, you have to stop hearing all those voices that are stopping you from achieving the best that you can have. Your guardian angels are there to guide you through the right path and protect you. So just follow your instincts and start today.



meaning of angel number 1



1 is the number of leadership

As per numerology people who are born with number 1 (birth dates 1, 10, 19, or 28) are said to possess innate leadership qualities. 1 is the number to lead. A good leader will always be the person who becomes the inspiration for many. People follow great leaders and number 1 gives you a chance to prove your worth to yourself and before others.


1 stands for leadership



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