Attitude matters | Attitude is everything

If we go by the simple definition of attitude means the way you think and feel about something or somebody and the way you behave towards them. Let us understand how attitude matters and how it forms the basis of everything.






As the proverb goes, “Grass is always greener on the other side.”


For somebody else that other side is your side. Now for everybody else there always is that somebody else who is happier than them. For you it is somebody else and for somebody else, it is you. So why to have so many grudges in life. It is your attitude that matters.

Answer the 4 Whys first






Questions like : Why everything wrong happens with me only? Why is God unfair with just me? Why is my life is too atrocious? Everyone else is happy, why only my life is full of unhappiness and hardships?

Attitude determines everything

Stop being so petty about your life. We all have our own ups and downs; highs and lows. Your attitude in every situation that life brings to you is important. How you deal with your successes or failures is your attitude. It determines it all. Never get too overwhelmed with your success. Success should not go to your head otherwise it will impede your growth any further due to some egoistic and laid back approach. You are the best, you have achieved enough and now there is nothing much remaining to reach for. This kind of attitude will always lead you to your downfall. Always welcome your success with humbleness so that when you succeed you still won’t stop growing any further.

A larger than life attitude does wonders

When failed, do not embrace the gloominess as it is not going to take you anywhere. The more you are depressed, the more you are giving your failure a chance to fail you once again. Give your failure a chance to make you stronger than before and teach you one more way of trying out a different approach. If you cannot always wear a happy-go-lucky attitude then at least have courtesy to not lose hopes and ruin everything down by a negative attitude or approach towards life. Your pettish attitude will not take you anywhere. An optimistic and a larger than life attitude is all that is needed.

Count your blessings



Count your blessings



When you are unhappy about your losses or your downfalls, you should always look at the one who is weaker than you, who is at a much pettier condition than you are instead of comparing yourself with your betters. People are suffering with some of the life threatening illnesses or are dying, sleeping on footpaths, do not even have a simple hut for hiding their heads or a onetime meal to satiate their hunger. Even those people whom we are considering to be in pitiable situations are finding out one or the other reasons to survive, to feel happy. And we on the other hand, blessed with most of the good things in life are crying and feeling bad about a few things that have gone wrong and then irrationally thinking that life is unjust.

Generosity makes it easier

Be grateful and a little more generous. Be the person who lends a hand to somebody rather than the one who is always looking out for help. There are times which are breaking, or the times when you feel that you cannot survive with so many bad things surrounding you. Let the thoughts like that come to your mind but do not rent them a home in your head to stay. Do not contemplate them because your overthinking will give them power to grow.

Your attitude shapes your perception



Attitude matters



Your good attitude or bad attitude is something that defines you. How you behave with somebody in the worst case scenario or how you react towards something when nothing goes your way is all that matters and this is the only thing which makes you successful in a long run. If you look into the dictionary, there are more words starting from the word “good” than there are words starting from “bad.” So again, it is your attitude which determines your perspective of looking for the goodness or badness in your life.

Time is today

Problems are more or less the same for everybody around at some time or the other, it is your attitude that defines you in such circumstances. You can come out as a winner or get lost amid the crowd. Life will not show you the way, you have to find your own way to get through. Do not wait for the right circumstances as there is no better time than today.

Change your attitude change your life



transform life



7 steps to change your attitude and transform your life

Just wear a never give up attitude and remind to yourself everyday that you have to :

• Change your attitude from “I cannot grow any further” to “There is still a lot to achieve.”

• Change your attitude from “Life is unfair with me” to “Life is same for all (whether fair or unfair).”

• Change your attitude from “It is not my cup of tea” to “I will make it happen.”

• Change your attitude from “I can’t do that” to “I can and I definitely will.”

• Change your attitude from “Everything is over” to “It’s just the beginning.”

• Change your attitude from “I” to “We” and “Me” to “Our.

• Change your attitude from “It’s their fault and I am not responsible for it” to “It will be taken care of whoever’s fault it is .”

Stop complaining and start appreciating. Give to humanity what it has given to you.

And as the saying goes, “When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say to God “why me”, say “try me”.

Don’t give it all up. Just wear the right attitude. A right attitude is all that matters. Attitude matters.


Thank you. Stay safe, stay healthy. 🙂


Garima Dixit



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