Be good to people for no reason_Goodness exists

“Be good to people for no reason.” – Unknown



be good to people for no reason



Hello beautiful people,

Hope this blog finds you in good health. There is a beautiful thing about goodness. It exists when humanity does. It will keep existing till humanity persists. This is goodness.

Goodness doesn’t come as a reaction to somebody else’s goodness towards you. It’s in your character. It’s built in you. Make goodness your habit. Be kind to people. Be giving in nature. Be humane.Β 

Help people for no reason and do not expect a favor back from them.




Be good to people for no reason




Wear your etiquettes always, even if the other person is lacking them. Be polite and soft-spoken in your approach.

There is no reason to be kind to others. Your goodness speaks a lot about you, it shows your nature, character, and who you are.

A positive and kind person always emits positive vibes. Wherever this person goes, these positive vibes turn into smiles-one, one hundred, and eventually into a million smiles.



Be good to people for no reason quote meaning




Be that kind of a person. Always try to bring the best in somebody. You are capable of doing that. Stop speaking ill of others (and thinking too.) If you have nothing good to say about someone then stay quiet by wearing a smile.Β 

How often do we do something for someone without expecting any favor in return? When we do something selflessly it reaps more happiness in return.

Someone has put it so well in such a simple quote that says “Be good to people for no reason.” Isn’t this the simplest and the happiest quote you have ever read?

There is so much satisfaction in selfless service. We are blessed enough to be in the position where we become giving in nature. Even if we can’t make someone’s life, we can at least be kind enough in bettering it. Being good in the best way possible. Be kind enough to help people believe in goodness.

Goodness is the inbuilt character of humanity. Be good and bring the best in people.

Your goodness will attract this world like a magnet.

So be considerate. Be generous. Be kind. Be good πŸ™‚


Love and Light

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