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Warm greetings to everyone who is reading this post. Today I want to touch upon the gift of uniqueness that exists in all of us. The one thing that most of us ignore. Ultimately land up being all the same ignoring the uncommonness that we all possess. Today is the time to be know-how indifferent you are from the rest of the beings. Realize how special you are. How unique you are. I hope this article takes you to realize the importance of uniqueness. “Be unique – Be you.”


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Be you – Be unique 


Nobody is the replica of another, not even twins. We try finding for ourselves a soul mate who closely fits in the space which is left free to complete us or a kindred spirit who we think is just like us, has identical thoughts and habits but in reality we all are alone, we all are unique. Only one of a kind, unusual. Every living organism is having some of the other peculiar traits in it which differentiate it from another.

Let’s be more specific. We need to awaken our subconscious mind to understand the difference and acknowledge the importance of uniqueness. Dare to be different from the rest of the world. May that take whatever efforts are required to make you realize that you are born for some special purpose. 


Consciousness is the core of our existence 


In this horse race, we all are trying to be someone else, to get in someone else’s shoes. Why is that? Why we can’t be our self, our unique selves? If someone is trying to be someone else and similarly that someone else is trying to be someone else then ultimately we land up being the clones of each other. God did not want to design the clones and hence He designed unique beings by blessing us with peculiarities. Every human is different from another in some or another way. Now over here, I am not talking about the basic physical design or the vital parts. I am more concerned about the internal design, design of the mind, the heart, beauty of the emotions, softness of the feelings. For eg., we all have been blessed with a heart but only a few know the importance of its qualities viz., love, care, and gentleness or the qualities of mind viz., being conscious and awake, and most importantly the power of our subconscious mind. This is what all greatest of the men on earth do and have always done. Why are these people awakened or I must ask fully awakened? Because their minds, their souls are awakened. They know how to make utilization of that difference that God has created in them. Consciousness is the core of our existence and subconsciousness is what is needed to be converted into consciousness. Each individual has a unique level of consciousness.

Being different is not proportional to being unique. We all are different from one another as we are designed that way. Being unique takes a whole lot of effort which is to be made by you. Self-realization in the first place helps us making all the changes.


Acknowledge and celebrate your uniqueness 


All of us are gifted in some way or the other. To celebrate the uniqueness in us, we need to identify what aspect of us makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd, and how beautifully we nourish that aspect in our self. We all face certain difficulties in life at one point or another. How we come out of those difficulties utilizing our special abilities work for us as an experience for our future. Those experiences nourish us in becoming a better human than we were yesterday. So the need of the hour is to become better than the person we were yesterday and not to compete with anyone us but our main competition is with our self to become our ‘unique self.’ There are various factors which help us becoming a better person. The circumstances in which we were born, the struggles that we have faced in life, the atmosphere that we have got around us while growing, how our parents have embellished us with good manners, what we have acquired from others and what was already inborn. So everything inside and around us makes us a unique self. Cherish every part of it.


You are as beautiful as the mountains, seas and gorges are 


The self-realization of our uniqueness is also important. How you as a person are benefitting society is important. This life is using us to be useful and we all should be useful to this life. Rather than simply existing in this world, learn to live. Live by cherishing your existence, live by cherishing your uniqueness, live by giving back to society what it has given to you. Be of use to this world before you leave it. There is a special purpose behind your creation, otherwise, God wouldn’t have wasted building a human with so much expenditure of energy proving to be all the same. There are many on this earth and you do not have to overburden this earth wasting the variety that it consists of. Just imagine all the beautiful things in this life, the highest of the mountains, the deepest of the seas, the most beautiful of the gorges and the sceneries, out of all that there is, one of them is YOU. Isn’t that in itself a very beautiful and powerful thought? Isn’t that something to cherish and celebrate? Before creating you God realized that this beauty has to be enhanced by you and not just wasted or exploited. Understand that it matters. It matters to be ‘you.’ It matters to be unique. You be you and let others follow you. You do not have to lose your identity.


Being different is good but rarity is always cherished


Every writer has their writing style. I have my own. Even if we try copying each other, the way our thoughts develop is different. The way we all mold our thoughts to create something different is what creates all the difference. So it’s all our unique style of thinking, our way of polishing our thoughts that allows us to stand out from the rest of the crowd. We all are inspired by someone else’s ideas. That is called liking and appreciating their skills. And somewhere we desire to become like them but getting inspired does not mean becoming them. You cannot possess them inside you. You have to be you. Just the thing is that you have to learn to be different even owning the ideas that you appreciate. Many must have written the article on uniqueness before but how differently I write this article will make this article unique. That is all that will make you invest time in reading. We all need to contribute to making this world a better place to live in. That will only happen if we do something that only we can do. At least we can do it first. Being different is good but rarity is always cherished.


Leave your signature footprints behind


Learning from someone does not mean becoming them. Learn something from someone that you cherish to have in you, something that you feel good about, and then build it in your way. There is always a significant step in a dance performance that makes it memorable even if after a long time we think about that. The choreographers design it in such a way that it remains unique for that particular song, similarly, a particular signature dialogue in a movie or a particular line of a poem makes it memorable. These are simple examples but the idea is that we have to leave our signature footprints on this planet so that even after we are long gone people cherish our existence. Our existence should be existing even when we do not exist anymore. Be that kind of unique. Be that kind of a human this life should celebrate having.

Do not waste even a bit of your talent because it is only you who in your full potential can use it, nobody else will do that for you. So be the best kind of teacher for your self guiding your soul to become better than it was ever before so that when you leave the world just make sure that you have used every inch of what was given to you.


Be real. Be you. Be unique. Be rare. Your uniqueness determines you and what determines you makes you unique. Wake up and be the norm breaker. 

Celebrate your uniqueness. Uniqueness matters.


I hope you will enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed penning it.



Garima Dixit


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