Believe you can and you are halfway there- Theodore Roosevelt

“Believe you can and you are half way there”- Theodore Roosevelt



believe you can and you are half way there



Hello folks!

Lately, I also have been working on this thought “Believe you can and you are half way there” a lot. The feelings of disgust, anxiety and self demotivation takes over all the motivation that I feed to my soul. So this is one of the most important reminders that I need to put for myself everyday.

This sentence believe you can and you are halfway there in itself is powerful. Powerful enough to make things happen.

You all need to believe in your powers, in your ability to fly, believe that your wings exist, the only thing is to spread them wide in the sky.

So, believe you can and you are halfway there. You have enough potential to make it possible. Just realize your power and believe that you can do it. 

Leaving these thoughts here for you to realize your power.


Love and light

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