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How often do you feel purposeless? How often do you feel like giving up? To be frank, if you ask me this, I have felt this many times before, and maybe will feel it in the future too. One question that I ask in most of my blogs is- What purpose do we think we are brought into this life for? How much do you know about yourself? How much will it take for you to feel worthy of yourself? How many times will somebody have to remind you that this life is not that complicated as you make it? There are times when we feel that a few of the dots are not getting connected. Something or the else is always missing. But isn’t the hunt for connecting the dots worth it? Will there be any purpose left with us to live if we end up feeling full?



connecting the dots 


Maybe most of you could connect with a little poem that I had scribbled one rough day when things seemed messed up.  


I wish I could say the very things I always wanted to say

I wish I could see what they always wanted to show

Today I am searching for a purpose I was brought into this life for

But somewhere I think a few of the dots are not getting connected.


There are times when there we can’t even tell the reason behind our sadness to ourselves. There is no reason to be sad but still, it doesn’t feel like being happy. There are times when nothing seems to be alright even when we can’t find out what is that needs correction. But sometimes wouldn’t that be fine if we leave things the way they are? If you are a writer you must have noticed that the best of your pieces are made when you are in the worst of your phases. Although there is a possibility of the other way round as well. As we know that life is like a pendulum so it happens that we keep moving from one end to another until we find some stability in the middle of all the movement. But that is how life is known as always. 


Sadness was earlier the part of my life as well

But it never happened before that my pen does not get words to write

Sadness has always been the best of the friends with my pen

and the piece of paper it chooses to pour down my emotions.


We are the chosen ones by God. It is God who has decided our birth. And it’s us who are making it complicated by the worst of the emotions. Emotions are like waves They keep swirling with different intensities. The catch is that when they start catching up we find it difficult to continue any further. There is a lot that is happening but in the process of keeping up with the pace, we lose the strength to walk with it. Sometimes we are just blank, blank like the paper empty of the ink. We are numbed. We are still.  


But ‘today is somewhat different

Some strange emotions are homing my brains

A lot is happening but nothing seems to be happening


There are times when we stop listening and reacting to anything that is said to us. It feels like their voices get inaudible. Even the emotions which our brains are experiencing do not reach our hearts. Something seems to be missing but again that is what our search remains- search for those missing pieces. 


Where so many voices are shrieking

but nothing feels to be audible

Where so many emotions are pouring but nothing seems to touch my heart

Where so many words are floating but nothing sounds to be meaningful anymore

Where the day is passing

even before the dawn can arrive


Something keeps changing every day. Little by little, we are changing every day. Problem is that we are not ready to accept that change. Problem is that we do not even know that we are changing or are changed but it’s others who notice it and tell us about that. Is it okay to change? Sometimes that is the only option. In biological terms, we call it adaptation. Change is an inevitable phenomenon and we all keep on adjusting as per the requirements. In the process more or less we do not remain the same human we were when the process started. This is the regular phenomenon for everything that exists on this earth.  May be it’s time to accept the change that is blooming within us. It’s time for us to find the missing pieces and start connecting the dots.


I don’t know what it is

but something I am sure of is- It’s different from the regular

Something is getting changed

Something is getting strange

Maybe it’s time to accept that I am changed.



connecting the dots





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