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Every year we become an year older and entering another year of our lives is something that we cherish. In today’s era where there is gloominess set all around, it is a kind of victory to be able to see another year. Yes, we made it till now. We are working day in and day out in search of something or the other, getting success, finding our destinations, earning money, getting a good job and making a family. If something or the else doesn’t fit right, we consider ourselves unlucky. We mostly count all our heart attacks and losses but miss on our blessings. How blessed we are is evident by the fact that I am able to write this article right now and you are able to read it; we made it possible because we are breathing. Breathing is a blessing; biggest of all the others that we have. Count your blessings instead of your problems. A little reminder to begin this day and end it blissfully. This little heart inside us is beating with love. These beautiful eyes can see the beauty around. Every little breath that exists within us can be the medium to change someone’s life in a better way. Isn’t that enough to stay happy and feel blessed?



count your blessings



We have a lot to thank God for.

During this pandemic when lives are fighting for oxygen, when the air around can’t make for their breaths, just thank God that you are still able to breath in this air. This is something which is priceless. We hardly express gratitude for being able to breathe.

As long as we are breathing, we have every opportunity to change lives and help people. Make every single breath count. We have been given this life so as to be useful. This life is a gift. Make the best use of it. I believe that there is a lot which can be done in every hour of our day. Days should not be spent just by complaining about the wrong things, arguing over small matters, repenting over wrong decisions and weeping over our past. Days should be spent by considering ourselves blessed, working on our faith, helping lives, making our breaths count by bringing a positive change in this world. This change should begin now. This thought process should develop now.


count your blessings



Transformation is the key to life. Start working on your thoughts. Start having a positive approach towards this life. Your internal world should change in order to see changes in the outer world. We all have been given these 24 hours. Different people make different uses of their days. It’s up to you how you have to spend your days.

Stop complaining about all the hardships that you are facing, leaving all the grudges that you are holding, return kindness to this world, be a little more passionate about your work, be a little more appreciative about this life. Rest will be taken care of. Nobody is stopping you from anything. It’s your mindset which does everything for you. Mold it in the best way possible.

Start today by working on your breaths. Listen to them, feel them, enjoy their music. Meditate. Take a deep breath, hold it and then release it slowly. DO this at least for 5 times in a row. Did you see any difference? You will start noticing it soon. Soon you will realize that breathing is a blessing. A gentle reminder that you should start your day today and every day.

Thank God for the fact that you are alive to thank him once again for this life. Find some time to count your blessings.



count your blessings



Stay safe. Stay blessed. 🙂


Written By

Garima Dixit


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