Dad, You Are My Sky – Missing you Papa

For me, Father’s Day is today and every day. Missing you Papa today and every day. Ever since you have left, there has been a void that will and can never be filled. Though I know that you are watching over me 24/7. You are my angel and my strength. Love you to the moon and back. Here is a small poem dedicated to every father who is the world to her daughter like my father is to me.


“Dad, You Are My Sky”

Maybe every time a star winks at me

It’s your way of sending smiles from the skies


Maybe every time the rainbow stretches across the ends

It’s your way of sending me the happiness

wrapped up in the box of crayons


Maybe every time I try catching the raindrops in my palms

You must be jumping in a puddle with joy holding my arms


Maybe every time the Sun tries to burn me with its heat

It’s You who pulls the sheet of clouds over my head to shade me


Maybe whenever my eyes are wet with memories

It’s You who are sending me a cool breeze of dreams

Where you are meeting your daughter comforting

her with the conversations when she seems

to be falling apart at the seams


Maybe that’s why I love looking

At the skies

At the winking stars

At the silvery moonlight

At the swirling clouds

And the breezy night


It reminds me every time that

I have you as my sky


-Your Daughter


A Poetry By 

Garima Dixit


Missing you papa


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