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This is what I seldom tell you but now this is something that I will start telling you more often. This is my letter to you. Dear Self – I love you –A letter to self.

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

Dear Self,

I love you. ♥

I know this letter is going to be long because there is so much to say and so many days have passed since my last conversation with you. So bear with me. 

I know that these times are depressing and you also must be in gloom with all that is happening around. You need to know your strength. You need to know how happy you are as a soul, how motivated you are internally, how inspiring you are for yourself and for others.

You have got up several times before every time you fell down. You have known the unknown and have tried your best to find what you sought. You were hated, you were cursed and have seen several downfalls too. People have said a lot against you to break you but you have stood rock solid.

A lot you have already seen and who knows what else is in store for you. But the only thing that you have to believe is in yourself and have complete faith in God’s plans. Every time he is putting you into something, it is to make you better. It is not to test you but to test his efforts that he has put in making you and the efforts he has been putting in making you better than you were yesterday.

Dear self you have to understand that times are never the same. There are times when you have to know that all that you have done will not go in vain. There are times when you have to realize the power of your own self. You have got the strength to cope up with every pressure which is turning you into a diamond. You have got the guts to show the world who you are.

You are not a bird to be caged. Your feathers look beautiful when you spread your wings. Forgive yourself today and lighten the burden which you are carrying on your heart. Do not curse yourself for anything wrong that has happened till now. You do not have to hold yourself responsible for everything that does not happen the way it should. Oh c’mon, you don’t really have to hold yourself as a culprit.

You are not perfect. Nobody is. And believe me that it is completely fine. Mistakes are bound to happen and the only thing you have to take from it is learning and not some hard feelings about your own self. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone for the imperfections that you hold as you look beautiful even with those. You don’t need to seek any validation from them either. You need to be you and nothing is truer than this fact that you are a beautiful master piece created by God.

They will hurt you every day. Will you hurt yourself too? They will try to shatter the strength in you. Will you break your strength too? People will stab you in the back. Will you kill yourself too? People will betray you. Will you betray your soul too? People will keep hating you. Will you hate yourself too? Not everybody will welcome you with open arms. Will you stop welcoming yourself too?

You easily forgive others who have not just once but many a times back stabbed you, cheated on you, murdered your soul but why is it so hard for you to forgive yourself? Why are you so harsh on your soul? It is way simpler than you actually think it is.

Forgive yourself. Love yourself. It’s okay if you have not become what you wanted to be in life, you have become way much better than you ever desired. It’s okay if you are not doing what you actually wanted to do in life, you are doing way much better than what you have ever imagined. It’s okay if you have not got in life what you actually wanted for yourself but He is already having a master plan for you. It’s okay if you still don’t know what you actually want from life but life knows what it has in store for you. It will surprise you with all the gifts it has for you.



Dear Self A self love letter



Many a times we get stuck to our past, our losses, our desires which were not met. But don’t you think that what is not yours or what you have never got was never meant to be yours? You may never get what you desire but you will always get what you deserve. You were never supposed to reach where you have not reached but there is a better place waiting for you. So stop living in your imaginations or guilt that make you suffer, the guilt of not being someone who has got everything the way it was planned and start understanding the reality of life. Your imaginations will take you far away from reality.

Things don’t turn out the way we have always wanted them to but it doesn’t mean that we stop living those things that we already have in life in the desire of something that we crave for. It is life and this is what we can expect from it – irregularity, uncertainty and inevitability.

I know you are bounded by the memories and most of the memories are the ones which are keeping you alive. And then there are memories which you never wanted to make for yourself but they are there and they always will. You will be able to do nothing about that. But the only thing which can be done is to focus on your today. Focus on yourself. Your strength. Your goodness. Your happiness. Your gems. Let your yesterday be there, you cannot forget it and you need not either as it is the one which is building your today but the only thing that you have to do is that you don’t stop living in your today by clinging on to your yesterday so much.

You are only one of a kind. Nobody can be you and you don’t have to be someone else. Stop comparisons. You can’t be compared with anyone out there as you are altogether a different individual obviously. Every individual is an individual and that is why it has been named so. You have to maintain that individuality so that you don’t get lost amid the crowd.

Don’t you think that God would have created the clones if He wanted everyone to be the same. But the purpose behind creating all the difference is that each person should create some difference. Something that can’t be done by everyone. You are good at something other one is not. And you have to be happy about this fact. They are good at something you are not good at. Will you cry for that? Will you be depressed about it? When we talk about the concept of diversity, individuality is what has to be taken into account because if it wasn’t about individuality it would never have made all the diversity that is around. OK try to be diverse. Nobody is setting boundaries for you. And never let anybody to do that to you, to sew your wings. Be diverse but don’t try to be someone. Learn but not lean. Earn but not be greedy. Be diverse by maintaining your individuality.

You are a beautiful person and a wonderful soul. There is a lot that you need to change in this world and for that you have to be you. You have to choose you every time they give you options of becoming someone else. The different roles that you are playing in your life should not change your individuality.  Whole and sole you are a soul. A different awakened soul.

There are both good and the bad that persist in this world but you don’t have to focus on the bad. The only thing that you have to focus on is how much good you can spread, how much goodness you can multiply. How better you can become in making the world a better place to live in.

Don’t let them decide for you what you have to speak, how you have to behave, what you should write, who you should be. Don’t let them set the standards for you. Your wings should not be chained or sewed. Your decisions should not be the result of their opinions. Just decide it for yourself. That is enough to make all the difference.

You have to stand today for yourself because nobody will do that for you. You have to fight for yourself because nobody is going to fight for you nor should you expect it from anyone. The only person that you have complete control on is “You.” Nobody else and nothing else you can control and should not think either.

There is always something better waiting for us out there. May be we don’t have an idea at the start but we have to trust His plans. May be we don’t know how to begin or where this journey is taking us but wherever you reach will partially dependent on where you want to reach and partially on where He wants you to reach. May be we end up doing something that we never thought we would be doing but maybe that is the thing that God wants us to do because that is something we were born for.

Just be deaf to the opinions others are having for you and reach out to the voice of your soul. Have the audacity to say what you feel. Shout if you need to but don’t be baseless.


Dear self, feel good about yourself not just today but every day, every moment.

Dear self, love yourself more and more with each passing day.

Dear self, define your definition today.

Dear self, shine out today. ♥


A gentle reminder: Read this letter everyday ♥


With lots of love

Your awakened ‘self’


P.S : These hearts throughout the letter are to remind you everyday that Dear Self – I love you ♥



Garima Dixit



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