Divine Beauty – The Enigma Of A Solitary Lass




We all have vivid imaginations. There is our own world of thoughts that we live in sometimes. This is my imagination of a beautiful woman whose aura has left me speechless. The divinity which I found in her. The woman who is facing a lot in life and hiding all her tears under her veil. So come along-with me to get to know more about her and her beauty. 



Under the SKY, I heard that sigh

Green lying moss and a LADY nearby

Wet with TEARS and a low lying face

Shady EYES like following her grave

What a DIVINE beauty in her I witnessed

Her ENIGMATIC look in a minute I discovered.

So SEDULOUS in her act but still in her something was seething

Her SLOVENLY hair and disheveled feelings

What’s SPECIAL about her is still a question

So divine and SERENE and a quiet contemplation.

With a ZEPHYR like sheer she is wearing heart on her sleeve

As all she was waiting for was this EVE.

Merging a fake SMILE with her real tears

Her mesmeric GAZE and a searching glare

To know her SECRET was a real hunt to make

I guess she was giving herself a BREAK.

A SPARK of a recusant in her rained

Looking like she was RECUPERATING herself again.

A loud burst of a pick me up feel came to her lips and FLICKERED her eyes

Her laugh and her pain her FIERY strain made it difficult to describing her

Going to her and asking for a reason seemed to me like PESTERING her.

Her PUERILE act was not at all inane and there was a wild sign of sorrow

So deep in her thoughts she looked BEMUSED as if there was no tomorrow.

Coping up with her tears & managing her CREASE

She GARNISHED her lips with a smile and tucked the hair behind her ears

Under her VEIL she hid her face

It was evident that she was moving again into the fake world with a GLACE.

I kept my gaze till I lost her SIGHT

Like I was waiting for some GIVE-AWAY from her

Least I could decipher the riddles that she MAZED

It seemed to me that a DEAD PAN turned into life for a while and turned back into the dead pan again.


A poem by

Garima Dixit



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