Happiness In Life – Our Ultimate Goal

What is our ultimate goal in life? Is it Happiness, success, money or something else?

What do we actually want to attain in life? A high salaried job? Getting into a dream career? Have an ideal life partner? To watch a shooting star or find some lucky charm? To own a big house? The purpose behind all this is to find “Happiness in life – Our ultimate goal.” May be the resources used and paths taken for attaining happiness are different for different individuals but each time the goal remains the same.

Happiness is not be sought outside. It can never come from outside or from inside–because it simply is. It is always. Where? Everywhere.” –  Swami Satchidananda

Yes! Ultimately that is what we all are looking out for without even realizing the fact that this hunt for happiness will not bless us with it. We have to realize that it is something that lies within us. Big or small, near or faraway we all have tied our goals to happiness or vice versa. 



Happiness in Life



What is the call of your soul? Is it calling for happiness?

What does your soul want from you? Your soul wants to be happy. Knowingly or unknowingly that is what you are working for, to make your soul happy. Your happiness should not be tied to your goals. The day you stop looking for happiness outside, the very day you will start observing the peace within, the ultimate happiness in life. Stop being so much dependent on somebody else for something that is achievable by you. Dependency brings sorrow. Your happiness should not be dependent on your external world. If you want to grow in life, you have to grow from within. Make few changes in your internal self and the outer world will change. 

I know few people for whom somebody else’s opinions don’t matter at all. They know who they are and that is the reason enough for them. Those are the guys who always have a broad smile on their faces. You must have observed that when you are happy in life, everything else seems to be perfect. That is the power of your happiness. If happiness is inside you then everything else seems to be beautiful.

Those who realize the self are always satisfied. Having found the source of joy and fulfillment, they no longer seek happiness from the external world. Happiness can only be found within self. – Lord Krishna, The Bhagwad Gita

Have you ever connected your growth with the happiness in life?

Growth has a different meaning in everyone’s life. It can be tied to a certain goal that you have always wanted to attain or climbing the stairs of success. Now if you are always measuring your growth with the number of goals that you achieved in life, it might not be leading you to ultimate happiness always. Let us associate our growth with happiness. Why do we want to grow in life? What is the purpose of attaining our goals? The ultimate aim is happiness in life. So with growth you mean it is the source of your happiness somewhere. In life to remain happy, you should always keep stepping forward because every next step means you are one step closer to your success. This should be the sole reason behind your happiness.



Happiness in Life



Let us find out about all the connecting dots of happiness.

The connecting dots of Happiness : 

Think Happiness: 

This is the first step towards being happy. Your thoughts design your perspective and your perspective directs you towards happiness in life. Thoughts are endless so better is that you keep your journey happy by thinking about all the goodness that exists. Train your mind in the way you want. The more you think about happiness the more power you will impart it to grow. Think happy to stay happy.

Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.” – The Bhagwad Gita

Talk Happiness:

There is enough of gloominess in the world already and what is needed right now is to spread smiles. The more happiness that you spread the more you will get it back because whatever happiness you are earning is your own reflection. The more you talk about it, the more abundance you will gain it in your life.

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” – Dale Carnegie

Hear Happiness: 

Listen to happy people. Listen to happy songs. The talks that bring to you positivity and imbibe in you goodness are beneficial. So before you choose your pals or songs, just decide what do you want to learn from that.  The choice is yours.

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.” – Matt Cameron

Learn Happiness: 

Learning more about the reasons behind the happiness of people and their happy stories will imbibe in you a sense of happiness. Happiness comes after struggles. So learn about their struggles, how they have overcome those struggles and managed to be happy. There should also be a sense of awareness in you that a delicate balance of everything is essential in life. Happiness and sadness are two faces of the same coin. It depends on whether you toss the coin again once you get the face of sadness.

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.” – Carl Jung

Feel Happiness: 

So with all the above-mentioned ways the final outcome is feeling happy. It all goes in a cycle and thus is connected with each other. If you miss even a single connecting dot, you will miss the whole link. Feel happy about the fact that you are alive, you are progressing, you are growing.  Change your perspective of seeing this life today. There are enough sufferings all around, feel yourself lucky that you are not one of them, you are at the better position and what all you can contribute to others in order to make them feel happy.

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are – Goldie Hawn


CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY….🙂🙂 Because being happy is a choice.



Happiness In Life



Garima Dixit


Stay tuned for more….



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