How blogging helped me open my mind to the myriad of ideas

How blogging helped me open my mind to the myriad of ideas?

I love writing. Writing about anything and everything. I write mostly about life and its different aspects. Earlier also I used to write but I never shared my writings with anyone. Then in April 2020 (post lockdown) when I started blogging, things took a little different turn.

Blogging helped me open my mind completely to the myriad of ideas and thoughts. When you blog, you pen down your intense thoughts, elaborate on them, and then re-design them for better.


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I learn something new every day (about me and this life) by writing about it.

One thing which I have realized is that writing improves when you read a lot. I have always seen the best writers being avid readers as well.

Why is reading important?

It’s important because it presents different schools of thought before you. Haven’t you ever felt that reading a book takes you to a new place, makes you meet different people, and opens a new perspective before you just while you are sitting at your desk in your cozy chair.

When you read, your mind opens up, and somewhere deep down in your heart, a little interest develops to pen down your feelings. The same happens with me every time I grab a book. Keep adding good books to your library, it’s like adding some honest friends to your life. 


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how blogging helped me
My little cozy corner 🙂



Now let me take you through my thoughts which I have regarding blogging. How blogging helped me? How I became a blogger and why I lost hopes in the middle of the road of blogging once?

I was never a regular blogger but now trying to 



how blogging helped me



Sometimes I write 4 articles in a row and sometimes it’s hard for me to write down even 4 lines. There is never a specific timeframe or a number that I decided to write. Basically it al depends upon the mind frame. But now I have made up my mind to write more frequently and regularly. Let’s see how much I can adhere to this practice. 😊


When things came to SEO


Now when I started blogging on (aww I get nostalgic when I think about those times of initial blogging😁.)

I was an extremely casual and go-getter attitude kind of a writer; like writing an article of any word limit or giving any random title to my blog without selecting any specific keyword (as we usually do by selecting keywords with low SEO Difficulty and high volume.) 

But then things started getting complicated when I shifted to WordPress. WordPress is equipped with tools that help you create blogs with good SEO. As I do most of the SEO analysis through Ubersuggest, hence providing its link here. I find it helpful and easy to handle.

Publishing articles never took my soul out of me before when SEO was not into picture😀. But things started getting technical when I started publishing my blogs on To produce quality posts complete SEO analysis needs to be performed.

To publish a good article, the minimum word limit should be 600 words at least. As things started getting complicated blogging started repelling me. Haven’t you felt this way that when a lot of rules govern your work then you start feeling pressurised and previously whatever little you were doing even that starts tiring you gradually; something similar happened with me too. But after a certain number of calculative steps I felt more creative and better. 

SEO analysis may seem to be difficult and tiring but it is a much-needed way when it comes to publishing.



my first blog
My first blogging platform which I stopped after shifting to WordPress

How posting regularly helps?


When you regularly post you get a reader base. People love to visit websites where they get regular stuff or feed to get engaged in. Even I love visiting such websites. Though it requires a huge investment of time and efforts to keep up with that practice, it surely is worth every single effort when you get to see the users getting engaged in your posts. Try to be regular and qualitative (work on quantity as well.) Something I am also trying to practice now.


Quality posts are important


When you are blogging, just make sure that along with the quantity, your quality is also important.  There are millions of articles out there on the internet waiting to be read but out of all those just imagine how many are ranked on the first page of google…10 right? Yes, so just imagine how much of the effort those 10 websites have put in those articles to make themselves ranked in the top 10 categories.

Usually we just stop googling beyond the first page (unless we are doing some deep reasearch.) So whenever you are posting something, just make sure that the post has some real impact on your readers. Something different from the million other articles running on google.




Your choice of niche should be the niche of your choice


It is important what you write about. Your choice of niche should be the niche of your choice.  It’s easy to write about a topic but to keep on writing about the topic is important. Sustainability depends on your interest. Just remember, before starting any website you have to think about your niche of choice that you want to continue throughout. Whether it’s about motivation, life, success, reviews, education, or any other topic. I write on this website because I love this niche. I love to write about life and its aspects, be it blogs or poems, or quotes. I love putting my experiences before you and I also learn a lot by reading someone else’s take on life. 



the pendulum of life
The Pendulum Of Life



So I hope I could at least be a little successful in conveying my ideas to you and making a space in your heart. See you again in the next post. Do stay connected.


Love and Light ♥

-Garima Dixit


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