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“I am becoming the light I was searching for.” You become the light that you search for. In the journey of searching for something that you want to possess in your life, a part of you starts becoming it already. What we think we become.

We love certain people in our lives. In the journey of searching for the love that we need in our lives, a part of us becomes lovable, becomes full of love. We become what we desire. That is the law of attraction. And that’s not just the physical aspects of anything that I am talking about, here ‘light’ means the qualities that our aspirations possess. We start possessing the qualities of the things that we love.


We start becoming our aspirations.


It is always better to think of our blessings and manifest them in our lives. Our aura is dependent on the thoughts that make us.



we think we become



We think we become:

There is a lot that we think to become. As a child, there are certain thoughts in our minds that are shaped by the kind of atmosphere that we live in, also our parents and siblings have a deep influence on our thoughts. We grow up and our aspirations may change. That change happens because of the experiences that life brings our way. Man is the product of his thoughts. Our entire lives are guided by our minds. Our thoughts shape our lives. Start manifesting your desires as you will start becoming what you think of whole day. 


Earl Nightingale said it in a line: “We become what we think about.”

My journey makes me:


Its the not the destination, it’s the journey.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey that matters the most. Because that journey teaches us all the important lessons of life. Journey to our destinations is what remains as the most important part of our lives. And our journey is what makes us what we are today. All the products are the results of the process. If there is no process, there are no products. If I ask you—What is life? What will be your response? Life is a process. It is a journey that makes you what you are. You keep on transforming throughout. Every stage of your life is different from the last one. Every single day we are becoming a little part of our journeys. The experiences that we have survived, the traumas or the happiness that we have felt, the people that we have met and unmet. 



we think we become



Think positive consistently about the things that you desire and you will get them for sure:

Some people are filled with as many negative thoughts as possible to make their lives hell. These people are so sure about their failure that there is no need of someone else to fail them, as their thoughts fail themselves. Even a small hurdle seems to be a big mountain for them to cross, and they are so disappointed in life that their self esteem becomes low and there is not much for them to achieve. 


Once they think that they can, they will.



And then some people are so confident about their success that there is nothing more powerful in this world than their will power. Their thoughts and their strong will power have all the power to attain what they desire. They make for themselves are goal and by any means they reach it. There is one constant voice from within that they will ultimately achieve what they desire.


The strongest word I have heard of is —Will power. Use it as a weapon against all odds.


Incident Ray = Reflected Ray:

Your reflections are your incidences: What you take in is what you reflect. You might have read about the law of reflection in physics viz., Incident ray = reflected ray

The same stands true for ourselves: what is incident on us is reflected back. So, if we are feeding our minds with all sorts of positive thoughts, if we are only filled up with gratitude towards this life, if we are feeding our hearts with light then our reflection will be bright. Our aura will be full of light and it will attract more good.  


Slowly you start becoming what you desire: good or bad. 


You become what you desire:

When you desire something with all your heart, you get it. Your prayers, your good thoughts  your healthy dreams have all the power to make you what you desire. When there is a desire in your heart to attain knowledge about something, in the journey of attaining knowledge about that particular thing that you desire, you also learn about many other things. Haven’t you felt that? When I try to learn a new word or learn about a new place or incident, in the process I learn many new things associated with it. I never go back just learning one thing. The same concept lies in the journey of attaining your goals.


we become what we think about

Choose your inspirations wisely:

We all are inspired by someone or the else in life. There is always that one person that we want to become like. So be sure that your inspirations are worthy enough to be inspired from. Your inspirations make you who you are and who you are likely to become in the process. 



It is hard to stay a bit longer with failure but harder to not try and be a failure forever:

It’s always easy to give up on something that is hard to attain. But it’s hard to stick onto that thing even after the mid way failures with a single hope of attaining it with repeated trials. But you know what is even harder—not trying it even once.


“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire.”
― Oprah Winfrey


We are all afraid of getting failed, it adds insult to our so called egoistic selves. Why are we and what are we so afraid of? What will the world say is all that we think of. But tell me something- of all the inventions that scientists have made, do we even know or remember how many times a scientist has failed before coming coming up with that magical invention? What if they have also stopped trying? Somebody else would have done it. This holds true for us as well. If we stop trying and give up on my dreams, somebody else will do it. So it’s up to us what do we want in life? Ball is still in your court.


The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.

― Oprah Winfrey



Garima Dixit



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