I Am Still The Pen And Paper Type – Feel The Words

I am still the pen and paper type

I am still the PEN and PAPER type

Words flow like water when I am catching up with my INK

Converting them digitally still draws the KILOJOULES out of me.

I am still the long POEMS and paragraphs type

Ending things in a few LINES seems to be difficult to me

Simple text and plain lines look strangely INCOMPLETE to me. 

I am still the YELLOW pages type

LOVE for old text still flies high

I still sense the BREEZE of yesteryears which rises high through those sheets

Those feelings when I penned them down and the RHYTHM of my heart beats.

I am still the DIARY and notepad type

Making MEMOS & google notes still isn’t the first choice

SCRIBBLING down the things that need to be immediately noted

The first place to mark my TO-DO list.

I am still the COMPLETE text typing type

ACRONYMS and broken words still seem to be typos and slangs.

They just seem to be meaningless and emotionless pieces of broken LANGUAGE.

I am still the DICTIONARY holding type

Google word search does not add MEANING to my words

Dictionary holds the memories of the first time my FATHER taught me how to refer it

It bears the FRAGRANCE of his love and sweet anger.

I am still the TELEVISION lover type

Netflix and Prime don’t carry the same EMOTIONS

The quality time spent with my MOM while watching TV together

And sharing the bond with FAMILY is a different level of happiness altogether.

I am still the long CONVERSATIONS type

Small TALKS and small thoughts do not draw my attention at all

DEBATES and discussions are always welcome in the brain’s hall.

I am still the GINGER TEA lover type

Nothing in my life seems to compare the FRESHNESS that it imparts

Be it exams or time-pass, meetings or SEMINARS.

I am still the LETTER writing type

Nothing in the world seems to match the CHARM of letters

Written with love and FERVOUR in someone’s handwriting

At least in today’s busy WORLD when everyone is running away with quick conversations

Somebody is taking out TIME for you

Years will pass but the AROMA of the feelings will remain the same.

I am still the PEN and PAPER type

NOTHING pleases me more than that.

And with passing years my love for them both will age like a fine WINE.

I hope that you read this between the LINES.

A poetry by
Garima Dixit

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