Is there nothing on your To-Do list today? Is it okay if I don’t prove my worth today? Is it okay If I am left with no strength to face the world today? Is it okay if I don’t do something important today? Is it okay if all that I want today is sometime with myself? Is it okay to not be okay today? The answer to all these questions simply is : IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY

There comes a day in everyone’s life when nothing seems to be alright. Nothing seems to be happening your way. You feel like hiding yourself from the outside world. You do not want to get indulged into anything for the time being. You do not want to have any conversations or opinions or advises. Sometimes you do not want to have any goals in life or else they seem to be too far to reach. Everything seems to be useless and every other person a bundle of lies. There is no motto in life and your whole world seems to be upside down.

There is that one or a few days when you want life of a recluse. The only thing that you want is to sit lonely in a room all with yourself, get surrounded by the things which comfort you at that point of time, may be your books or your piece of art. May be all you need today is a long afternoon nap or a long walk alone on a peaceful road or want to sit idle.  May be today you want to be away from all commotion, all  confusion all disturbances. May be today you want to have some self time

These days knock on my life as well and it is okay if such days come into your life too. It is okay if your soul needs some self time today. Maybe it is that time when your soul wants something better from you and for you. Maybe it is time to conserve your energy. It is time to rejuvenate yourself and become a better version of yours, more active than you were yesterday. 


It is okay to not be okay
 The Pendulum Of Life

It is not always important to do something important. Sometimes just leave it on time to heal, on your unproductive thoughts, on your thoughtless mind, or on your not so okay self. Once in a while your tired body needs a pause. Do not over exhaust yourself in the efforts of being normal when you can’t. Do not overthink, do not over exhaust yourself, do not always follow your routine. It is not important to follow a routine everyday. Routines cause monotonousness in lives.

Variations keep the spice. Follow something different today. Follow the voice of your soul today. Listen to your heart today. A writer cannot write everyday, a painter cannot paint everyday, a scientist cannot invent everyday. It is okay to try out something which doesn’t belong to your field. It is when the artist in you wakes up and when you over define your definition. A new normal is okay. A change is what is needed from the regular.

Black and White is more colorful
The Pendulum Of Life


It is okay even if you are not trying out to do something different or new. It is when you feel that black and white is more colorful than the rest of the colors. Do not judge yourself always with all that you are doing or what you are not doing. Not everything has to be done by you. Give yourself that comfort. Give your soul a pat today that it is doing a great job for you. Appreciate it to have sense of understanding that it reminds you of allowing some time for recluse to heal yourself.


It is Okay to not be Okay
The Pendulum Of Life 


Are you afraid of the losses? Are you ashamed of your failures? Do not be. Why displaying your failures or talking about your losses make you feel weak? Why do you start feeling unworthy about something which is completely okay. Nobody is a born winner. Nobody has been blessed to be a victor. We all go through some very tough times, we are broken from inside, we are in bits and pieces but the only thing which makes us an ultimate winner is the realization that nothing stays for long. Everything has a time to stay and a time to get over.


Just remember the following once you feel that today you are not okay : 

  • Cry today if it’s hard for you to hold your tears back but remember when you stop crying, you don’t shed tears for the same reason again.

  • Adorn silence if your own voice is piercing your ears today but remember that the next time you have to shout out loud.

  • Sleep today if your lashes are heavy with the weight that you are carrying on your heart but remember when you wake up, you wake up as a whole new person with a brighter outlook.


Emotions are not always in place. Emotions are like waves which have their highs and lows. Accept all the intensities of those waves. Every wave brings with it something new. Ocean never stops and so are your emotions. Let the free flow of emotions always make a way through your body whether its even for no reason today. So never stop from showing out what you actually feel.


It is okay to not be okay
The Pendulum Of Life

What medicine will you take when you are emotionally weak or unstable? You may look okay from outside, but internally you might be broken. You may sometimes look for outside help but solutions lie inside you. You soul wants some healing time and you have to allow that time to your soul. Give yourself time to heal as it is the best healer. Once this day passes, tomorrow will welcome you again with its open arms. Sleep as much as you want today, paint as much as you want, even pass your time if you want doing nothing. There is no shame in accepting that something in you has changed or is wanting to get changed. 

“Love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself, and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” : Dr. Leo Buscaglia


Enjoy the confusion today
The Pendulum Of Life


Enjoy the confusion today…Accept that it’s okay to not be okay today…:)



Garima Dixit


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