Life is beautiful _ Life is unpredictable

What is the most unpredictable part of Life? 

Life and Death Cycle, Days and Nights and Change… 



Life is beautiful _ Life is unpredictable



Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2, Verse 27 states that “Jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyur; dhruvam janma mrtasya ca; tasmad apariharye ‘rthe; na tvam socitum arhasi” ie., “For one who has taken his birth, death is certain; and for one who is dead, birth is certain. Therefore, in the unavoidable discharge of your duty, you should not lament.” 

Death is easy, it’s Life that’s tough. The awareness of an individual about the inevitability of death is called Mortality Salience. So when our death is predetermined, then why are we grappling too much to sustain? Nobody is going to make it out of this battle alive. There is one thing I have always believed in, that certain things are certain in life, like the two faces of the coin, the only thing which is flexible is our attitude towards understanding the philosophy that lies within. How we cope up with certain situations, how we build or wreck something down in difficult situations, is what makes us a true being. 


Life is unpredictable_This idea will make the predictable beautiful

What is destined to happen will happen. Why should we dissipate our today in analyzing what will happen tomorrow, when we can’t do anything about it? The unpredictable can’t be conquered; focus on the predictable instead. There is this one thing I have learnt from my father that, “If you go somewhere or do something in despondency you will always end up in tears.” So rather than living every day with a fear and insecurity of death in hearts, live as if this is your last chance to accomplish all that you have ever wanted to accomplish in your life. The name you wanted for yourself, the position you have always desired for, the people you have always wanted to do something for, the incompleteness in your life that you always wanted to fill up.

Your perception will change the world for you






Everybody has a positive and a negative aspect. It is your choice which aspect of your side you want to choose. There were times when I was in a state of mental confusion. There were times when nothing happened my way. When all I needed to sustain was one more motivational speech, one more inspirational thought and someone who always encourages me to push past my limits. But I have realized one thing, that every flow must have its ebb. 

Nothing is permanent in this life. Not my failures, not my successes, not even my state of mind.

The state of your mind is something you have absolute control on. Your perspective of seeing this world is up to you. And that change of perspective will help you to focus on your present. 

Analyse before making some permanent changes in your life

Nothing will help you if you don’t want to help yourself. If you don’t want to get changed, nobody has the power to change you. Everything new is fine. Temporary changes for a longer duration of time can be transformed into permanent changes. So be careful before you make some permanent changes in your life.

Do not occupy your head with too much






Problem is that, we have occupied our head with too much. The burden of our own desires is making it complicated to live through this journey. What is needed? Need of the hour is to simplify things. It’s not that tough. You need not steal a bank to earn yourself a daily bread. Idea is simple. 

Live through life. Live in the moment. All that is happening is life itself. Stop! And experience the little things that you miss while you are running to reach the other end. 

There is no special life waiting for you on the other side of the road out there to touch you with a fresh breeze. Problem is, you are letting go off these small moments in the desire of a bigger and a better life. A day passes by, then a week, a month, a year and then several years to struggle through your existing simple life in the laborious workout of making things better. 

Create your own happiness

What is happiness? Is it getting sold there somewhere in a store? Answer to it is No. We have to create our own happiness. Our own little simple ways to be happy. We have to find happiness in every passing moment. 

Do not treat life as a burden and death as a curse. Both have their own time. Both have their own existence. Both have their own significance. And you have to witness them both. 

Do not forget yourself in the hunt of Life



Life is beautiful



Idea is not to forget yourself in the hunt of Life. Understand your role. Understand the significance behind your birth. 

God did not exert himself to create a creature which is of no use. So the idea is to find that cause you were given this life for. Nobody is born without a cause.

Every single life created on this earth holds some significance. Why are we cursing ourselves, our parents or God for this birth? It’s never possible that everyone gets everything in this life. Something or the other will be lacking. If you have everyone with you, you may not have everything you have desired for. If you have achieved whatever you wanted to achieve in life, you may then not be having the important people of your life you wanted to share that achievement with. Nobody is complete. Everyone is in bits and pieces. From the outside, a home may look beautiful but only the insiders know how many cracks the walls of their homes possess. So never be jealous of somebody’s happiness or achievements. You do not know what he has lost to achieve that. 

Now the point is not to elucidate that accomplishments aren’t important. Idea is to explain how important it is to live in every moment you spend in accomplishing that. The harder you want to hold onto life, the easier it will slip through your fingers, just like sand. 

Experience the amazingness of your hidden persona

Recently I have come across few views form certain known ones, who are saying that this lock down has affected their lives negatively. I asked them how. To which they explained that as they have to sit idle at their homes, unable to enjoy their lives as the earlier times, unable to plan a vacation, have to work double the amount of work at home and other similar issues. Now the problems may be genuine but aren’t they too small to be worrisome? Aren’t they able to look at the positive aspect of this lock down at least for themselves? What positive you can extract from this? You can work out for as many hours as you always wanted. You can spend time at the home you have sweated out for, you can spend as much time as possible with the family you are earning for. You can write a book, or a blog or a poem. These days can create many new artists and reformers. Nothing is more painful than the regret of not giving it an attempt.

You will experience the amazingness of your hidden persona once you explore it.

Every problem comes with a solution

Problem is that we have another problem for the existing problem. Why the things have turned this way and not that way. No-way is my way. We always have a better solution to the one solution that is created for us. If you have a better idea than this, then why don’t you suggest it? Opinions are good things, but useless opinions are disastrous. Every problem comes with a solution. If we have a solution for it, we have to offer the same. Otherwise we have to accept somebody else’s solutions and then work on better solutions. 

Everything will be taken care of ultimately

The trouble is that why has something this cruel happened? Are we going to come out alive of this problem? Who knows? Who knows the destiny? So when you don’t know about it why to bother too much about it. It will get resolved. If not by you then by somebody else. If not by somebody else, then on its own. You have to understand that not everything is to be taken care of by you. Every man for himself, and God for us all.

It is under too much stress that the Oysters secrete the best pearls. So stress can do wonders too. It is up to you what you want to create out of it. A suicidal and lost personality or a never give up attitude which can create marvels. 

Even that 1 percent makes all the difference



Difference matters



Testing times are a part of life. They have to be experienced at every corner of life. That is what keeps it going. If you want the same monotonous routine and when you have nothing new to do consider yourself lifeless. Our external features might vary, but inside, we are all designed in the similar fashion. Then why are we different? Obviously, there are other factors that determine the differences. 

It’s just that 1 percent difference of genetic make-up which differs a human from a chimpanzee. And every single difference counts. 

Why are we not trying to make a difference and waiting for someone else. It is not that we can’t. It is simply because we do not have the courage. We can think differently but we don’t, because we have restricted our own boundaries. Remember that, every maybe has a may not be. And thus every possibility which has not worked towards, becomes an impossibility. It is that 1 % difference which makes one person’s aura so bright that everybody becomes enlightened by it or the other person’s aura so negative that darkens out every fleck of light. 

Look out for a speck of motivation

Sometimes all we want in life is a speck of motivation. So what are you waiting for? Look out for that speck. You have breath in your body and beats in your heart. Utilize them till you feel you are alive. 

Few other inevitable things in life are Failures, conflicts, heart breaks and ever changing time. 

Acceptance is the key to contentment

 Accept what life throws at you, whether stones or flowers. Whatever it is, be happy in both, because you will learn to appreciate the flowers only when you have felt the bang of stones in your life. It is not the success that teaches you lessons, it is always the job of failures and it does its job with due responsibility. Let life do its part in teaching you the best that you can learn. Appreciate its efforts. 

Count your blessings

Thank the almighty that he found you capable. Because he wouldn’t have tested you if you were incapable of passing that difficulty. Make a diary for yourself, note down what good has happened to you. What are the things worthy of appreciation in your life? Acknowledge them by showing them your gratitude. 

Count your blessings instead of picking holes in your life. Every oak has been an acorn and so is every successful soul from a bunch of failures. 

Change is inevitable and important

We cannot criticize every change that happens in nature. Universe is ever changing and change is what is required for the sustainability of this Universe. Imagine our lives in the pre-historic times. If there were no changes, how we would have seen today? When the universe can’t remain stable, how can we who are the part of this universe. The problem of being a human is that we have to interact with other humans and these interactions can either contribute to our lives, friends of friends or enemies of enemies. Love is either followed by a heart break or a happy ending forever. But the fear of heart break can’t refrain us from loving. The fear of conflicts can’t stop us from making friends. In the same way the fear of death can’t put an end to living. 

Master the art of wisdom

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 3, Verse 42 states that “Indriyani parany ahur; indriyebhyah param manah; manasas tu para buddhir; yo buddheh paratas tu sah” i.e., “The working senses are superior to dull matter; mind is higher than the senses; intelligence is still higher than the mind; and the soul is even higher than the intelligence. 

So with each passing day become wiser instead of being intelligent; with every failure tasted be stronger instead of being weaker. Master the art of wisdom. Remember that wisdom in itself is the kingdom of wise so in short you become the king of righteousness and sound judgement. You can be wrong, but do not repeat the act that leads you to that wrong. 

Life is the most precious part of Life






What is the most precious thing in your life, if I ask? Some will say, their parents, their spouses, their children, their achievements. Very few will say: it’s life itself. 

Yes, life is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. Rest everything follows. Never take this life and the precious things in life for granted. It’s a lesson hard learned by the most. Your parents are the form of God on earth. Sit with them. Spend time with them. Do whatever you ever wanted to do to make them happy and show them your love and care. While we are busy growing up, we forget that they are getting old too. This time is not going to be back. Spend it in the best possible way you can. You cannot stop the clock (obviously until you remove the battery) but you can utilize time in the best possible way. 

Remember, nothing is more foolish than thinking that you still have time. 

So run with time. Nothing is insurmountable unless you pose them that way. You can write even if it’s your first time, write to inspire someone; you can still read more even if you know a lot about the subject; you can still learn a new skill; you can still love even if you think that you are stone hearted; you can still do more even if you think you have done every possible thing that you could; you can still be more humane even if you think that you are a complete human being. 

Humanity is contagious

Humanity is always needed on the earth. And remember that humanity is contagious. Donate what you can afford. Spread the good that is contained in you. Do not keep it just with you. The more you spread, the more you will get it back. As the earth is round, your goodness will come back to you. Every single thing that is happening is the reflection of your own deeds. Nothing is happening on its own. There is a driving force behind every single atom that moves. So there is a force behind this universe which allows it to sustain. Once this force tarnishes, the whole universe will perish. You have to be that force behind every kind deed. Do not wait for someone else to do it. Become that pioneer who brings the change, because for everyone else it’s somebody else. If everybody will think that somebody else will do it then nobody will do it. And remember that, example is better than precept. 

Do your part in life and leave the rest on life to do it to you. The inevitable is unsurpassable but it’s up to you to decide how it is going to affect you.



Garima Dixit


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