Monday Motivation- The Picture of Life

The Picture of life

So last week I introduced the “Quote of the day” concept on this website where I thought of presenting one good quote before you that can make your day. Motivation is needed by all of us and that is what this website is all about— motivation and positivity. The beginning of every week should be heavily loaded with motivation to keep us going with the same level of energy for the rest of the week. 

Now on this platform, I have thought of introducing one picture every Monday hence themed it as “Monday motivation.” I always wanted to start something like Monday Motivation but was confused whether that should be a quote or a poem or a blog. But then suddenly the concept of introducing the picture of the day every Monday bloomed in my heart when I was surfing through my gallery last week and came across certain pictures which are life-changing.

Although on my Instagram page I keep sharing photos clicked by me and the stories behind them, this will be the first time when I am going to share those here.

I love clicking pictures, random pictures of the scenes that touch my heart deeply. Being a traveler (based on my Clinical Research role), I get to see different places, and luckily I have got every chance to capture one good moment from every place visited.

I always feel that pictures speak a million words, even more than words can ever describe. Sometimes I remain struck by the beauty of the scenes so much so that I don’t even find a proper caption for the picture.

We, humans, love creating memories. What’s better than capturing that moment in a frame to create good memories? One good picture captures the beauty of the moment forever. You all must have heard of this short yet effective phrase live in the moment; this phrase is relived every single time you go through some old pictures. You re-live those memories and it’s a beautiful feeling. For me it’s nostalgic.

I always get inspired by nature hence I keep clicking pictures that connect me with nature even if I leave that place and rekindle those moments later.

The first picture that deserves to be a part of this very first thematic Monday surely is the “Picture Of Life.” I call it the picture of life because it truly symbolizes life in every way, maybe you will also feel the same after looking at it and understanding what I want to convey here.

Isn’t it speaking with you a million words?

picture of life
Clicked on a random sunny day in Pune city



This picture speaks of life. This holds the whole essence of the color green, isn’t it? Do you see this tree, quite unrooted but still green? I clicked this picture a few days back in Pune city. Every time I look at this picture, I find it really interesting and amusing. While walking on the road, this tree fascinated me a lot and I couldn’t resist clicking it. I found certain branches of the tree littered around the tree (seemed like somebody cut them off or might have fallen due to the storm.)

The best thing about this picture is that though slightly unrooted, this tree has found its way through its roots. See the strength it represents and the essence of life that it holds in it. This strength is possible only because the roots of the tree are strong and widespread. Hence there is a common saying in Hindi- अगरजड़ें मज़बूत हों तो तना खुद ही मज़बूत हो जाता है  (If the roots are strong then the tree trunk itself becomes strong.) Seeing the condition of this tree it is evident that it has fought a strong storm which might have got successful in shaking its roots quite a little bit but couldn’t make the tree fall.

Isn’t this phrase true for all of us? Our roots should be strong. It’s in the roots that define how strong we will stand. We will be able to fight against all odds and emerge, winners, every time. For us, our root is our soul. We have to make our souls stronger. So if we are making efforts in every way possible to strengthen our inner knowledge or self-consciousness then we will find soul enlightenment soon.   

Another thing that’s fascinating about this picture is that there are so many little lives blooming from the space underneath. These little lives will one day become as strong as their parent and then just imagine how much strength will they provide to this whole lovely family.

I just wish that I get another chance to visit this place again after a few months and get to see the grown-up family (if the same happens, I would love to update this blog with the after-picture.)

Here I have not focused much on the negative things which I came across while clicking this picture like the cut of branches and the littered around plastic as the article is all about positivity. But there is one more positive something that can be taken from this picture is that this tree doesn’t bother about anything hurtful done to it. Whatever wrong you do to it, IT WILL STILL BLOOM.

This is my take on this picture. Maybe you have another interesting view of it. Explore your amazing brain and just think about what else does this picture contains. 

There is this one request that I want to make with you all— Let the trees bloom. They are the symbol of life. Plant one life and grow one life. 

Stand strong just like this tree, ignoring all the negativity trying to pull you down. Keep blooming. Let the distractions not deflect you and move you away from your focus.  Self-realization is the key to soul enlightenment.


Signing off with these positive thoughts.


Love & Light ♥

Garima Dixit

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