Questions to ask your mirror | What is self awareness?


What is self awareness? Why is it necessary? And how to attain it? We often are so busy finding out the opinions that others have about us that we miss to know about the opinion of the most important person in our life- ‘our  mirror.’ Yes, asking questions standing in front of our mirrors will help us finding out the answers to the most difficult questions that we are struggling to get answers for. Mirror here with synonymous with ‘self.’

Self conversations might seem awkward but they really are the powerful tools for an awakened self. Self talk is helpful and much needed. It is important to take some time out and reflect on yourself. Who are you? What do you want? And what can you do for the humankind? There are questions which need your attention, which your inner self wants to ask you and what if answered can lead you to the undiscovered paths.


What is self awareness?


Are you aware of your own self? Your feelings, emotions, and needs? Your traits, qualities, strengths, and weaknesses? Most of the time it happens that we know more about others than ourselves. It is often said that the person that we least know about is our own self. This should be the focus area of our attention.


Who you are is different from who you pretend to be. Who you need to be is who you are and not someone you wish to be.


When it comes to self-awareness, there are certain questions that you need to put before yourself to be fully aware of all the components that you are made up of.

Below is the list of 10 questions that might prove effective for self-enhancement. Try to sit in front of the mirror and be true to yourself before you put yourself through this question-answer session.

What is self awareness

How are you doing?


We often find ourselves asking this question to others. The answer mostly is ‘ I am fine.’ Today try asking this to yourself. If you really are true to yourself, you will get the most amazing answers, which often are different from the usual ‘I am fine or I am doing good’ approaches.

Your approach towards life should be like this—


Dear Life,

Every time I recovered from the last time you broke me down into pieces, I found my pieces getting aligned differently. Designing me into a new individual altogether. Every day you are changing me bit by bit — changing me for the better.


You need mending if you are broken and that is not a bad thing to do. That is actually what you need to do. We all are broken more or less from inside but if we remain that way always then we would stop living even before life stops. All that we need to do is ‘heal.’

Ask this question regularly to yourself, so that one day your answer becomes the healing to your soul.



what is self awareness


Is it what you are intended to do?


What you are doing, is it what you are intended to do, or is it something that you are expected to do? Are you happily taking up something? Do you need to do it? When you get the answer as a ‘yes’ then only you find your soul happy otherwise every time you do something that you are not intended to do, you will find it difficult to continue it in a long run.


We should mean what we intend to do.



what is self awareness



Is this the right thing?


Once you find that you are intended to do something, the next question that arises is ‘is it really the right thing to be done?’ Do you actually need to do it? There is a very fine line between the right thing and the desired thing. You need to find out the difference real soon to satisfy your heart and moreover your soul.


The right thing will always find a way to your heart.



do what is right



Are you true to yourself?


We can lie to people. It’s easy for most of us. But the real task is when it comes to lying to our own self. What we are hiding from others, we can never hide from our hearts. Our pains, our lies, our truths, our heart knows it all. Its’ always good to do what the heart permits and what the soul agrees to do.


What we are sowing in is what is blooming, what is blooming is what is harvested, and what is harvested is what will be used by us and by them. Sow the seeds of love and truth.



what is self awareness

what is self awareness

Is your soul alive?


Never ever do something that kills your soul.


Happiness in the soul is the key to real happiness. We should never commit something that lets only our body live and the soul dead. Before committing something in life and before making some hard decisions, this should one of the questions in your to-ask list. Try not to hurt another soul or else yours will be hurt in some way or another.


Is your heart healthy?


With a healthy heart I mean if it is happy, contended, and full of love. A happy heart is a healthy heart. What you are doing, what you are supposed to do should make your heart happy. Earning a salary is not what makes our hearts happy but finding happiness in what we are doing is what makes us happy ultimately.


What you feed your heart should be love….and love….and love.


Can I change the world for good?


Making a few pounds or dollars a month and working to earn your daily bread is not what you are born for. Doing something which is good for the world is what is our true purpose.


People feed on hope. A little light coming from the tiniest corner has the power to turn darkness into light. Be that hope, be that light that can bring light in someone else’s life.


Whatever you are doing just make sure that it has at least something in it which can alter somebody’s life for good.


we think we become


Do you love yourself?


It is important to know the answer to this question because if the answer is ‘no’ then the efforts are much needed to be in place to make some changes in yourself. If you can’t love yourself then nobody else can. That love can only come to you if you are true to yourself.


What you are, who you are, and why you are, are the three important questions that can answer your ‘do you love yourself?’ phenomenon.


As you are born, there should be some purpose behind it. Know that purpose. Love yourself for all that you are doing, for the work that your heart is putting every day in beating even after taking so many burdens on it,  be thankful for every breath that is helping you to be alive. Do not be harsh on yourself.


Does it matter to you?


There are things and people that are important to us and are the reasons we are living. First set your priorities and then work accordingly. Live for the people who are living for you. Make their lives better, better than before with each passing day.


Do something only if it matters to you. If it matters to you, you will definitely do something about it, for it.


Can you hear your inner voice?


This is one of the most important questions that is needed to be asked. It is said that the inner voice never lies.


It is the inner voice that tells us what is right and what is wrong.


If our actions are going against the voice that is coming from inside then it should be understood that somewhere what we are doing is wrong. Our soul and heart know everything. The only thing that we need to do is- listen to their voices and we will never be wrong again.


So, it’s time to stand in front of your mirror and ask yourself a few life-changing questions. Start writing down your questions along with the answers and see if there are any improvements in the way you answer your questions. Also, see how your life changes drastically by this simple practice. This is how becoming aware of who you are will help you live the purpose of your life. 


In the process just be true to yourself.


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Authored By

Garima Dixit


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