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Self conversations might seem awkward but they are powerful tools for an awakened self. Self-talk is helpful and much needed. It is important to take some time out and reflect on yourself. Who are you? What do you want? And what can you do for humankind? Some questions need your attention, which your inner self wants to ask you, and what if answered can lead you to the undiscovered paths. Read the best quotes on self-awareness and beautify your lives. 


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Our soul and heart know everything. The only thing that we need to do is- listen to their voices and we will never be wrong again.



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Inner voice never lies. It is the inner voice that tells us what is right and what is wrong.



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Do something only if it matters to you. If it matters to you, you will do something about it, for it.



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What you are, who you are, and why you are, are the three important questions that can answer your ‘do you love yourself?’ phenomenon.



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Whatever you are doing just make sure that it has at least something in it which can alter somebody’s life for good.



quotes on self awareness



People feed on hope. A little light coming from the tiniest corner has the power to turn darkness into light. Be that hope, be that light that can bring light in someone else’s life.



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What you feed your heart should be love….and love….and love.





Try not to hurt another soul or else yours will be hurt in some way or another.



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Happiness in the soul is the key to real happiness.



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What we are sowing in is what is blooming, what is blooming is what is harvested, and what is harvested is what will be used by us and by them. Sow the seeds of love and truth.




quotes on self awareness



What we are hiding from others, we can never hide from our hearts. Our pains, our lies, our truths, our heart knows it all.



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There is a very fine line between the right thing and the desired thing. You need to find out the difference real soon to satisfy your heart and your soul.



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Dear Life,

Every time I recovered from the last time you broke me down into pieces, I found my pieces getting aligned differently. Designing me into a new individual altogether. Every day you are changing me bit by bit — changing me for the better.



quotes on self awareness



Who you are is different from who you pretend to be. Who you need to be is who you are and not someone you wish to be.



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We often are so busy finding out the opinions that others have about us that we miss knowing the opinion of the most important person in our life- ‘our  mirror.’




quotes on self awareness 

I hope these quotes on self-awareness must have made your day. Wear your wisdom today by knowing yourself.


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