Rain of Happiness – A Happiness Poem



Life is full of happy and sad signs. Very often sadness outweighs happiness. But this isn’t the case always. Many a times we ignore the happy signs and focus mostly on the sad things happening in life. Today, try to hold your vision on the little details which bring you a sigh of relief, a sense of joy and a wave of happiness. ‘Rain of Happiness’ is a happiness poem. Sing it. Enjoy it. Feel happiness all around.


Rain of Happiness – A Happiness Poem


Did you notice those tulips in my garden of marigolds?

They sing to me lullabies when the nights wake me up

They bring to me a sweet scent from the gardens of Venus

They are blooming under the rain of happiness.



Happiness poem



For years there were dormant seeds of love

Lying deep under the soil of my heart

After years they have sprouted

bloomed into shoots, leaves, and flowers

When soaked in the rain of happiness.



happiness poem



Did you notice those stars

falling from the night jasmine shrub?

Shimmering through the windows

Brightening up every dark corner

Hopping and dancing in the rain of happiness.



night jasmine flowers



And now let me ask you

if you have noticed an unusual glow of the sky today?

Radiating hues through its palette

Merging the shades of dusk and dawn

There will be a downpour of these colors today

The rain of happiness.



colorful sky



happiness poem



So, how do you feel now? Can you feel a sense of joy in your heart? I do. When you think about something, you attract it in your life. So think about all the positive things in your life. Think about happiness today and every day so that you can attract the same. You will feel the happy vibes emanating from you and an aura will be created around you that will start attracting people towards your bright personality.

It takes very few muscles of your face to smile, to spread joy around you. Make somebody smile today. That’s the best thing you can do. The joy of creating happiness is the biggest joy of all.

Hope I could make you smile today with this happiness poem.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.


Written By

Garima Dixit



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