She In A Nutshell – A Poetry Book by Garima Dixit

She in a nutshell is a poetry book that I published online in March 2021. This book is a collection of unique poetry depicting the three phases of women’s life. This collection is extremely close to my heart. I have presented in this blog one of the title pieces (She – In a nutshell) which I composed after finishing the whole book. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

She is the limitless ocean that has her highest highs and her lowest lows like the dwindling waves. Sometimes she is through the high tide of the emotions and the other times through the low.

She is going through conundrums inside her but every day she is rooting herself deeper and deeper, no matter how many earthquakes try to de-root her.

She is the epitome of the moon who has her waxing and waning phases. In the growing darkness of the waning phase, she is preparing herself for the gleaming waxing phase.  

A girl, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a human, and most importantly a soul. A soul who has got so much involved in keeping up to the expectations, proving her in all the relations that in the process, forgets about her existence. Who she is apart from all the roles that she is playing? What is her responsibility towards herself?

All her emotions are pure. All her roles are majestic. Why she has to fight to get what she deserves and what already belongs to her?

Coming from a family where women in my life have influenced my life in every possible way, all I have in my heart is gratitude towards my Mom and sisters who have always played a highly significant role in my life. Thank you, Papa, for letting us grow as an individual, the man who never stopped us from speaking out what we feel, who has always let us voice our opinions, and who never let us feel weak in any circumstances. 

But there still are people who are cursing women, muting their voices, stopping them from showing out who they are.  

Those who still feel what special is she doing anyway; please know that it takes a lot to be a woman. She has the potential which she doesn’t need to explain as every day she is proving it. Let her breathe in her own space.

Today she is not asking for your permissions to survive the battle or certifications to tag her as special. Today she is a free soul all over again. All she needs is to listen to her heart and break down the restrictions that sometimes only she is imposing on her own.

If you are a woman and reading this book, I am sure you will be able to connect with these emotions. Hope that you free your soul from the burden that it is carrying for years now, feel loved and respected.

If you are a man and reading this book, hope that you feel for her and be a part of her journey.


Garima ♥


She – In A Nutshell

She is the Moon you never saw

The way she is waning

Shrinking her pain, insecurities, and her losses

The way she is waxing

Growing from all the craters neatly embossed

She is the ocean you can never hold

When she is going through her highest highs

And her lowest lows

The gushing waves in her she nurses

She is those thousand unwritten poetries

And the hundred untold stories.

With her feminine touch, she has cast a spell

On everything that she has giving birth to

I know her like a leaf, the Moon and the Ocean

The creator, the nurturer, and the Motherland

I know her as a sister, a daughter, a wife, and a MOTHER

I know her as the storm and the pacifier

I know her as the warrior and the survivor

I know her as the whole Universe

She is the soul, you have never met

She – In a Nutshell


She in a Nutshell
She in a Nutshell- Poetry Book by Garima Dixit



Every woman goes through a dark phase (Waning) of life. A phase when she feels worthless, unloved, and cursed. There are those dark times when nothing seems to be alright. Sometimes the world comes to an end for her.

Overpowering the waning phase she enters the grey phase (Transition) during which she sheds off her insecurities, despondencies, and blues. She is the knight in shining armor preparing herself to fight the fierce battles of the day.

She comes out as an empress to rule the world entering the light phase (Waxing) of her life. 

She is now the epitome of strength- all beautiful, successful, powerful, and invincible. There is so much hope that already is deeply seeped in herself. There is a lot to extract from her soul.






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