She Is A Beautiful Soul – Reincarnated Life Of Hers

She is simple. She is beautiful. She is divine. Beauty lies in her soul. All her emotions are beautiful. This poem will connect you with her. Know her. Understand her. Respect her.


She is a beautiful Soul


She Is A Beautiful Soul — Reincarnated Life Of Hers



She wants to live with the inconsistencies today,

Leaving behind the perfections.


A space created just for her,

She wanted to home that destination.


A wild desire in her to explore herself,

Wanting to know what she finds after tearing herself apart.


What if today she wants something she has never asked before;

A master of her own thoughts today she wants to become.


She is not asking for the wings,

Her soul gives her a flight today.

Belief makes things happen,

And that is something she wants to believe today.


Holding a pen she is inking her thoughts,

Diving deep down into her imaginations.

Looking up at the sky and finding new stars,

Breaking the old and rustic traditions.


Meeting her higher self she is moving to a higher realm,

Don’t put an end to her journey.

She is all set to creating history,

Designing her own life today.


She is coloring her space on the blank canvas of life;

Building her own ship to sail through life.


Being a glow stick in others’ lives till now,

Let her uncover the fire in her soul today.


There may be words in her life that don’t carry a meaning anymore,

But let them be there until she frames meaningful sentences out of those.


There are words unsaid and stories unwritten;

Her never ending thoughts her unending imaginations.


Thousands times after her birth she died only to live all over again;

A bud unbroken, a flower unpetalled, like a tree she always stood strong.


Now who are you to break her path?

With flaws and inconsistencies she has managed to survive.

Let her live as she is not asking for more but a place where she remains her very own.


The pure light coming out of the moon is getting reflected on her face.

Looking at the gleaming stars her eyes blazed with glee;

She is imperfect but she is a beautiful soul,

A renewed reincarnated life of hers.


A poem by 

Garima Dixit


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