Solitude is bliss – Self time


So it’s a cold and a foggy day, unlike the regular Mumbai weather and all I am loving about today are the slight chills that the wind is bringing along with it. All I want today is to sit with my own self. Spend little moments of lone time with me. Most of us have at least once came across the quote- Solitude is bliss. And according to me, yes it is.

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Every time we are looking out for someone to accompany us, perceiving loneliness as a bane but how about being in your own company today? Solitude cannot be misinterpreted as loneliness. Having a few moments of calmness and peace. It is not necessary that every single moment of the day we are indulged in something or the other. Our brains raking through the wants and needs and we are just messed up in the web of all this.


In these Corona times holidays have lost their charm. They feel like any other day. Sundays are getting as monotonous as Mondays. This is the problem of living at the comfort of our own homes. Now we are bored of even this comfort. These days while working from home there is an equivalent amount of work ‘of’ home as well and people are just getting tired balancing the two.


Today just taking some time out and trying to spend some lone time with my own self. There is always so much to learn when you sit all by your self. This is the moment when nobody is passing you any judgements, where there are no comparisons, where you do not need to be better than somebody else and where there is no horse race. This is your time – Self time. I am sorry if I do not reply to your messages today or if I am not active today on social media. I am knowing my own self in my solitude. I am doing what I am liking. Today there are no restrictions on my thoughts. Today they are free to flow like rivers in any directions. Today there is enough time to spend with my soul. Today I can take a walk amidst the woods or fly high in the extremes of my thoughts or dive deep into the depths of my feelings.


Today I am emotionally nourishing myself. Today I am relaxing my tired self. I might land up being a couch potato for sometime or sit with my favorite book or pour my feelings down on paper or simply sit doing nothing, but I will listen to whatever my heart says. Today there are a few instructions for my brain to not interfere with the melancholy of my heart. Let it be as free as the bird flying with the flow of the winds. Dear brain, you can rule over my heart some other day but relax at least today.


Let me sit all by myself today. Feeling the vibes of my own aura. Sensing the calmness of my own thoughts. Away from the hush hush of the brain and listening to the sweet melancholy of my heart. Let me be my own self today. Just gazing at the golden yellow lights sending chills to my brain. Listening to the soft music, I am feeling heaven on earth again. Let me see the greens of the plants and the blueness of the skies, away from the voices that are deafening me inside. Let me sit all by myself today with thoughts breezing in and out without homing my brain today.




solitude is bliss





Garima Dixit



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