Soul Connection | Define Yourself | Soul Calling

Can you define yourself by finding a soul connection? What if the answer to it is yes?

Who are you? Can you define yourself? Tell us about yourself.

I find this to be one of the most difficult questions when I face an interview. Defining myself begins with my name always. Don’t know if this is the right practice or not but when you are sitting at the position of an interviewee the first thing that you remember about yourself is your name and then the place where you actually belong to, about your family background, your education, hobbies and your past experiences. 

Now have you ever understood the logic behind that question? Have you ever asked the same question to yourself? Try once. At that time you will be surprised to know the actual answer. Navigate till your search reaches the most satisfying answer of finally defining yourself. Your actual identity.

Who you actually are? Why you were actually born? Your purpose, your goal, your significance. Are you simply someone who is looking out for a job, someone who is working for bread and butter, somebody who is trying to make everyone happy? I guess the answer is ‘No’.  Ask more, navigate more till the search ends somewhere.

You will not be satisfied till you keep looking for the answers which reside on the surface. You have to get into the depth of your soul. You have to know about your soul.

“To know yourself is to know your soul.”



Soul Connection | Define Yourself | Soul Calling



We keep creating a web around our souls. A web of desires, anxieties, lies and a hell lot many expectations. Our soul keeps searching a way through this web to connect with us, but unfortunately many a times get tangled up in the web. Our soul cannot connect with us until we try. It is a simple connection made so complicated by us.

Have you ever noticed an infant? Sometimes he is smiling on his own, sometimes he is crying on his own. Whom is he talking to actually when there is no one around? With whom is his conversation going on? That conversation is with his own soul, with God, the power who is giving him the strength to stay in this unknown world breaking all the previous connections. Otherwise would that be possible for the baby to live inside the dark womb without anybody talking to him?

Before we are born we are having a connection with that super power. We make several promises to get relief from the darkness where we are lying. So many negotiations keep happening between us and that superpower like we will always be thankful, we will always worship you, we will never forget you. But once the person comes into this world even that consciousness is gone. Human gets so much tangled in the web of the world that slowly and gradually that connection slowly starts weakening. For few of us those promises become restrictions and we bounded by those restrictions.

We keep growing and we keep breaking that connection. The more we become aware of the external world, the lesser we remain aware of our own selves. Slowly and gradually we start knowing more about the external battles than the internal chaos. Our soul tries to speak, speak a lot to us but as we have shut our ears to it, slowly and gradually even her voice is mourned. We can’t listen to it anymore and thus start feeling lonely.

Because once our soul stops talking to us this external world starts looking meaningless. That happiness is gone, that mental satisfaction is gone. Words remain but the music stops. The heartbeat continues but the rhythm stops. The breaths continue but the reason to breathe is gone. This is the connection with your soul. You may not know it but it knows a lot about you. And to know more about you, you have to know about her. You have to converse with her, spend time with her, laugh with her cry with her.

If today I am writing this piece of thought it means my soul wants me to write this. My soul becomes happy when I write and I write to make it happy. We are happy with each other because we are one. I am not a body, my body is just a cover to allow people see my soul. I am a soul and that is what I have to present it. The meaning should not go wrong. The music should not stop. The rhythm should not be interrupted. The pauses should not be full stopped.



Soul Connection



So what is important? Connection with your soul is important. Knowing yourself is important. Loving yourself is important. Living in every moment is important.  What is important is to know that you are important. Stop being ignorant now and become conscious about your self. Work on gaining wisdom rather than exercising intelligence. 

Build that connection and get through the web to reach where your soul is calling you. We all have endless questions. Questions that nobody has answers of. But our soul knows all the answers. Our soul is hungry and needs to be nurtured with love and care. Transformation needs time, so start today. 

So connect with your soul today if:


  • You are feeling lonely and missing someone even when all the important people in your life are around you.

  • You are searching for something but don’t know what you are searching for.

  • You are looking for a trustworthy & meaningful relationship which is only possible with your soul.

  • You are feeling incomplete and have an instinct that something is missing in your life.

  • You are searching for a real purpose in life.

  • You are looking for answers that are still incomplete.

  • You stop enjoying meaningless conversations and looking out for some deep thoughts that awaken you.

  • You start feeling that your energy is being dissipated and you now want to conserve it and align it in the right direction.

  • You want to know the difference between materialism and spiritualism.

  • You start feeling that there is more than what your eyes can see and heart can feel.



Soul Connection | Define Yourself | Soul Calling



Your soul is seeking your attention and it will try leaps and bounds to connect with you. 

Just imagine if you go unnoticed before someone, how would you feel. The same way your soul also might be feeling as it tries to speak a lot to you. Seek who is seeking you for ages. Listen to who is already listening to you tirelessly. Speak to who is already spoken a lot but have gone unheard.

Your soul is calling. Don’t let her voice go unheard. Listen to the call of your soul and move towards greater fulfillment.

Look out for signs which hint that the treasure is hidden deep inside you.

Make that soul connection with your soul and re-define yourself today. ♠



Garima Dixit


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