Spiritual health-In conversation with your soul

Let’s talk a little about our spiritual health today…



Spiritual Health



So before starting this let me just tell you that I am not a spiritual speaker and I am not going to deliver any lecture on spirituality over here but a general conversation is all that I feel is important to make you realize how much do you know about the fourth dimension of your health. The health of your soul.


Our soul absorbs it all 

When we talk about “Soul“, people start thinking that now the conversation is taking a spiritual turn and thus they start cutting off the conversation. Even they will start ignoring the one who gets involved in this sort of heart to heart. Problem is our lack of awareness of our own selves. The kick that we don’t get in these kind of conversations.

Our ignorance is in thinking that we live in this world but in actuality, this world lives within us.

We get affected by each and everything happening around us and in return our peace of mind gets shattered. Our soul absorbs the positive, the negative, the good, the bad, the doubts, the firmness, the certainties and uncertainties and thus becomes so much confused at times that our own existence is lost. After considering ourselves as an insignificant part of this substantial world we get lost in it. We have got so much engrossed in the materialistic pleasures that we have forgotten the actual purpose behind this gift of life.

Life is much beyond what we can see through our naked eyes. It has to be understood, it has to be defined and our perspective needs to be changed. 

Now as we are understanding about ‘soul’, let me just ask you a simple question. Let’s just see how many of you can answer it right. 


Are you completely healthy?






If we go by the definition of ‘Health’ by the WHO, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. Now in addition to these three parameters, there is a fourth one as well ” Spiritual Health.”

Now before grouping yourself into the category of healthy human beings just take yourself through a small test on the following dimensions of being healthy :

Physical Health       ✅

Mental Health         ✅

Social Heath            ✅

Spiritual Health  ❓


Spiritual Health

‘Spiritual health’ being the most important and the least thought of parameter; an umbrella to the other three. We need to realize that every individual in itself is a soul.

I am a soul. You are a soul. We are the souls.

Trouble arises when we think more of the skin that surrounds our souls. That skin which is so thick that it does not let our thoughts to get permeated through it to have an impact on the soul. Self realization and self contemplation are the two quintessential factors which help us in knowing more and more about our soul, to get to the deep realms of our soul. 

While our physical, mental and social health imbibes in us a sense of attachment to the world and thus somehow virtually our happiness depends on whatever is happening around us and it is due to this fact that when most of the times things don’t happen our way, our peace of soul suffers.

Whereas our spiritual health teaches us the art of detachment from the world, where we overcome our desires and thus, our peace of soul comes from within and is independent of the world. It teaches us our own existence, our own relevance. It teaches us that we alone are enough. Once we attain that level of consciousness, we will accomplish the knowledge and happiness from within. 

One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus is untouched by muddy water.  — Bhagavad Gita 5.10


In conversation with your soul

You should have a regular conversation with your soul. Your soul will connect you to your higher self through the invisible thread which forms the connection between you and your spiritual being and brings to you enlightenment and guidance.


You will be able to achieve that higher intellect only when you find solitude for yourself. More than anybody else, have conversations with yourself. Meditation is the great start.

Lose yourself today to find your soul.

So before you call yourself completely healthy just find out if you fit in all four blocks of health. Get a little secluded from the outer disturbances and find solitude for yourself today to connect with your soul. Listen to what it wants to say. Understand what it implies.

Your soul is the foundation of your existence.

So I leave you here to build the bridge between you and your soul, while I build mine….






Garima Dixit


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