“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”- Best quote of Einstein


“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”- Einstein




the only real valuable thing is intuition



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Heard of E = mc2?

So, I guess Albert Einstein is not a new name for anyone who is reading this. Still, let me brief यू about him here. Albert Einstein was a German-born genius physicist of the 20th century who is best known for his theory of relativity, among his other great contributions in science.

This quote “The only real valuable thing is intuition” is one of the best quotes I have read to date.

Intuition is I guess among one of the gifts gifted to us by God. Our gut feeling, something we can trust on. How many times any of you have got this gut feeling that something is not right, someone is not doing the right thing with you or the things are not as they are looking.

I get this feeling most of the time. Now, the main thing is how many of you or how many times do you trust your gut feeling. You can call it your instincts or intuition. I have heard people saying that “Mujhe andar se aisa feel ho raha tha” “I was getting this feeling.” So what do you do when you get that feeling? Ignore it? Listen to it? Act over it? 

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Most of the time, this can bring you victory when nothing else can. Where you are, what you are doing is something that is because of your instincts. Your inner self speaks with you in a certain way, and trust me it doesn’t lie,


Leaving these thoughts here for you to ponder.


Love and Light♥

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