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This is my first initiative of starting with the short letters which usually I write about life after questioning the same. It’s something which gives me a kickstart for the day or coming out of whatever confusions I am dealing with in life. The name that I have chosen for this is – “The Pendulum of Life Letters (T-POLL).” The first one in the category is – My choice.

Choices are more or less the ones which decide how you shape your life. Seems like life is taking a different turn altogether. Seems like life is changing its shape a little bit for me. So, all is certainly not well but suddenly everything seems to be fine. May be my perspective of seeing this life has changed. May be, in me something has changed. Or maybe, there is still a lot to welcome in life than to think about the things which are lost in time.


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So, in life we sometimes reach to certain decisions and think upon them later. Firstly they seem to the best decision ever and after a whole lot of views from different kinds of mind sets all around you seem to be in a little panic of getting to some wrong decisions. Although in life I never gave any decision a lot of thought. I think over-thinking never helped me either

There is time for everything to stay and everything to get over. The theory, I am kind of defining everything happening in life these days. Neither your happiness nor your sadness will stay forever. Changes are necessary and they are the part of each one of us. Nothing is so certain except for changes. May be in life all we live for is to become the part of those changes. We ourselves don’t get to know when slowly and gradually we become the reason behind those changes to happen. This is the beauty of life. It changes so much in every moment that when looked back nothing seems to remain the same, apart from the good and the odd memories.

There are decisions after giving a whole lot of thought and there is a think over after you take certain decisions in life. Both have their own charm and their own significances. The decision might be right, but time might not be. And also it is said that there is no right time for anything. So putting across my weedy thoughts behind and trying to figure out certain decisions to make them right ultimately.  Choice is to stay dignified even in the hardest times. Choice is to respect my decisions even if the time is not permitting. Choice is to stick to your choice of choosing a life for you no matter how hard it seems for you to achieve it. Choice is to walk the path of truth no matter how hard the world makes it for you. Choice is to choose your happiness of the soul over the happiness of the physical self. Choice is to believe that you are made for bringing a change. Choice to see beyond the eyes can see. So today I choose to make my decisions right. No matter how hard the times are, I will stick to the hard decisions in life as they are the only ones which will introduce me to the real ‘me.’

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Garima Dixit 


my choice


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