The Poet In Me Bloomed- Motivational Poem



The poet in me bloomed is a motivational poem where the poetess wants to express how she has bloomed from her scars and dying hopes, from the cracks in her heart, from her broken dreams, and from everything that has tried to crush her. But instead of falling to bits, she has risen strongly. The poet in her has bloomed from all the broken fragments and deepest scars. Read this and more such Motivational poems in English by Garima Dixit.



The poet in me bloomed

Bloomed from all the cracks in my heart

Bloomed from the dying hopes and resilient scars

The mud of their hatred blotted out my dreams

The poet in me bloomed from that.

They loved the blossom that the season of my soul brought

But they could never see from where the blooms have made a spot

The words that were seeped deep inside my blue-tinted heart

The poet in me bloomed from the deoxygenated words the vena cava brought

It was blurry though I could see the bog lying ahead of me

My myopic eyes without glasses were still not that bad

I wish they could know how their noisome noises bolstered my courage

Like a lotus, the poet in me bloomed from that bog.

My rose-colored glasses were too young to derive complicated facts

When did Papa’s princess & Mumma’s little girl grow up so fast

When did my soul become a no-man’s land

Out of their clutches like the slippery sand

You try replacing mud with sand

But still, the green shoot of a poet will germinate from the dormant seed.

Now the poet in me understands a nod & a wink

A lot has changed with changing ink

In the process of losing and gaining electrons

My poetic soul has attained the noble gas configuration

Where it no more reacts with the chemicals meant to be abrasive for its skin

The poet in me bloomed forming covalent bonds with my soul as if they both are akin 



A Poetry By

Garima Dixit



motivational poems in english




I hope this poem has made a little place in your heart. This poem is f0r every poet who has bloomed from all the cracks in the heart, who has seen a lot in life and this life has now flowing through words in every poetry that the poet pens down.

If you like this piece, do come back in case you are looking for more motivational poems in English. Have a great day ahead.


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