The Power of Choice – Choose to Live

What is the most difficult task allocated to the brain? Decision Making. Agree? The art of making a choice. And this art of making a choice is what we need to have a command on. We need to have the power of choice. We need to choose to live.

What does choice mean?

If we go by the simple definition, choice is the act of choosing between two of the possibilities. The arrival at a choice requires instinct, cognition and feeling.



The Power of Choice



The biology behind decisiveness-   

Human is a social animal but what makes a human different from the other animals? Advanced Intelligence. It’s not about the size of the brain but the size of the cerebral cortex of the brain which is important in acquiring complex skills. The higher corticalization of the cerebral cortex provides it a greater surface area which allows increased capacities for learning, remembering, and thinking. The frontal lobe which is a part behind the forehead is the area responsible primarily for thinking, planning, memory, and judgment together which form decisiveness. Calculate, evaluate, understand and act.

Choose to remain happy and healthy even though the situation is hard. Do not get overburdened by your own indecisiveness and lack of judgement. Realize the power of choice. 

How the power of choice designs your life?

Every man is the architect of his own fortune. Through indecision the opportunity is lost. You have the power to make your own choices because you are responsible for your own actions. The consequences should be well thought of before you rush for some major decisions so that you better not regret about them later on. Carefully ponder over the consequences.

Let us understand in detail how our own choices determine our lives and how we can choose to live by the power of choice-

Simple choices v/s complex choices:

Choices can vary from being extremely simple ones to one of the most difficult ones to make. Simple choices can range from wearing your favorite color today or waking up at 5 am tomorrow to the more complex ones like choosing your field or your career or choosing relationships. The choice to differentiate between right and wrong. Where simple choices cannot take much of your time and cognition abilities, the difficult ones require a lot of networking within your brain. A complex part of decision making. When choices are made, there should be a weighing of all pros and cons as well as the benefits and risks involved. When you find one side of the balance heftier than the other side, you term it as your preferred choice. The way you weigh down your choices is dependent on the attributes of each of the options available.

Paradox of choices v/s the restricted number of choices:

There are times when you have the plethora of choices or a limited number of choices to choose from. In the first case you may get confused and end up making a wrong choice and always have regret of not opting for the other alternatives. If more number of alternatives are selected then everything will be half done and nothing will pay off. It’s like to choose between the devil that you know and the devil that you don’t. So ultimately it can lead you into frustration and uneasiness. Idea is to have a right approach towards choosing what you actually want in life.

Power of making better decisions:

The kind of efforts that you put in something will determine the results that you reap tomorrow. You could have done it differently but what you chose was your way of doing it. If the decisions have gone wrong, work on the better ones. Whatever you are today is the result of your thoughts, your own efforts, your own actions and your own choices. Whether the results are desirable or not, the ownership of the rewards is yours. If everyone puts his/ her fault on times then who is to be blamed? Own up your mistakes of not been able to make the right choices. The power of you lies in the power of choice.



The Power of Choice



Living in this life is the choice that you have made, so why not put in all the efforts to beautify it. Choose to make it worth living.

Your choice makes you whatever you are today and whatever you want to become in life, as rightly said by Roy T Bennett, Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”

Power of choice to become the author of your own life:

If you are reading this blog today, it suggests you are an admirer of good thoughts. Which kind of text do you like reading? Something that inspires you. Something that you have scope of learning from. Something that can help you improving your lives. What if you get a chance to write a book? Which kind of book would you want to author? What if I say that you are an author already? Surprised?? But it is true. 

You are the author of the 365 pages of the book of your life. A creator of your own life. You have woven each page carefully with all your efforts and experiences.

Just imagine how many pages you have written till now. Don’t you want your book to be the best seller? Of course you will want. With drama and action, comedy and tragedy, hardships and struggles, laughs and tears, successes and losses, possibilities and impossibilities there is no single life which is devoid of all this. With different emotions and different struggles every author weaves a different kind of a story.

Every day there is something new to learn. You are so lucky to have a chance of making your story heard one day. Presenting your life as an inspiration for many. How elated we get when someone looks up to us with a sense of hope, when we are able to be that one speck of motivation for many. I mean even the sense of this thought is joyful.

What is that one thing which helps you in authoring an inspirational book? That one thing is the power of making a choice. Your good or the poor choices and then your action upon those choices are what determine your life. What is so ironical about life? It is that after writing down the whole chapter of your life you realize that it was imperfectly written. But the problem is you cannot erase or white out the pages of life, no backdating allowed. What if you get a chance of editing it? The choice is yours. Start improving your lives right now. Remember books and friends should be few but good.

Choose to live by the power of choice.

It’s the matter of your choice:

To become a saint or a thief is the matter of your choice. Every person has been offered with at least two options to choose from. You become what you choose to become. The way you think is the way you reflect. The way you reflect is the way others react to you. The attitude that the other person shows towards you is the power of your thoughts, the power of choice.

A good beginning is half the battle won:

Make the right decisions, so that you don’t get tired in the middle of the fight. A burden of one’s own choices is not felt. Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still. In the same way be not afraid of making the choices; be afraid of being indecisive. But you should also understand that there should not be multiple tasks on your head otherwise you will end up going like nowhere. Either train your brain to multitask or else make powerful choices.

Although the beaten road is the safest, you have to take the road not taken. The power of choice is in your hands.

Choice of attitude as the power of choice:

In today’s difficult life scenario your attitude imparts you a definition of how apt you are in today’s world? Do you choose to be contented or miserable? Do you choose to assign an engrossing job to your mind or simply run the horses of sluggishness and complaints? Do you choose to wear a sense of positivity or an excuse of negativity? What is determining the reason behind your happiness and sorrow?

Your own choice of attitude is the reason behind the quality of your life. 

Before Mendel laid down the foundation of genetics, many others must have seen the pea plants. But it was he who chose to get into the depth of the reasons behind the differences between the various pea plants. His choice of finding the answer to the problem made the difference. We all are the silent observers of nature every now and then. Your choice to understand the laws of nature will bless you with all the answers that you wish for. The magic lies in the power of choice.

Choice of your thoughts as the power of choice:

An Arabian proverb says “Choose your neighbour before your house and your companion before the road.”

The choice of your thoughts or your companionship designs your destiny. You have the power to choose your thoughts. Like you go to a vegetable vendor and carefully pick up the tomatoes which are fresh, deep red, free of any blemishes and not rotten. In the same way you have to make a careful selection of your thoughts so that there is no rotten thought remaining in your mind. Do not keep it for a longer duration of time in your mind as it has the power to pollute your positive thoughts surrounding your mind just like a rotten tomato has the power to decay the surrounding vegetables.

Nobody is born with special powers. All those who have achieved great heights are the ones who have made the right choices. Their actions towards those choices have made them special. You have got no less time to prove yourself, so understand till you have time.

You are no less than special. So understand that superpower within you. The power of choice.

Gratitude as a power of choice:

In the current scenario of COVID-19, I would like to say that COVID-19 itself is killing in nature but what is keeping our hopes alive in these difficult times is our attitude and our ability to resist all negative that is happening. We are not sure how long this battle will last but one thing is for sure that all of us are suffering equally. But still in the midst of this suffering few of us have chosen the responsibility to fight against this battle.

Our front line warriors: The doctors, the health workers, the soldiers, the policemen, the sanitation workers, the bankers and the media personnel. They also must have gotten the choices of fighting for us or save their lives and sit safely at their homes. But they chose to fight, they chose to risk their lives for saving ours. Our grand salute to them all. The least that we can do for them is to be positive and stop complaining about what had to be done or isn’t done or wrongly done.



The Power of Choice



These are the difficult times for all of us. During these times even if we become the least ray of hope to lighten up somebody’s life, to touch somebody’s life positively then it would be the best contribution from our end.

Need of the hour is to show them gratitude, a genuine thanks from your heart. Today I have made a choice to write, to spread my thoughts, to share my opinions. This is the least I can do to spread positivity. 

Concentrate your energy in building yourself:

During these difficult times what do we choose? Do we choose to become a bundle of complaints or the bucket of never ending hope? Do we choose to think that nothing more can now be done and all has come to an end or do we choose to work on our subconscious mind which can help us do wonders? Understand yourself during this lock down.

Know yourself. Explore yourself. What is your special power? What is still hidden in the depth of your mind? What can still be invented? What can still be repaired? What can still be beautified?

Whether it’s about your relationships or your personality enhancement or the reformation of yourself and this world.  Wasting time in overthinking something you don’t have any control on will not help you. It will make you weaker and sicker. Rather concentrate your energy into something more beneficial, more yielding. There must be a reason behind your birth in a family, in a society, in a country and in this world; and thus your responsibility for each of them. You cannot seclude yourself from others and lock yourselves in the rooms of your own thoughts. 

Your choices will create- A NEW WORLD, A NEW YOU. 

There of course are no boundations or restrictions to your view points but only a realization to be made that you are powerful enough to be a human being.

When you decide on a path in life, have faith in your choice. Life becomes easier when we start loving it and stop treating it as a burden.

The Bhagwad Gita itself gives the ultimate freedom of choice to the individual after blessing the individual with all the secrets of knowledge, thus recognizes the liberty of the individual.






Garima Dixit



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