Time heals everything or makes the memories grow stronger? – PART I


So, as the saying goes that “time heals everything”, is it really so? This is the most comforting statement said or heard or read at times when we are in the worst phases of our lives. Does time actually heal everything or with passing time the memories grow stronger? Do the emotional and psychological wounds get healed if given enough time and forgetfulness just like the physical wounds with treatment?

Problem with forgetting is that the more you try forgetting about something, the more it reminds you of itself. The more it reminds you of your loss and the reason behind your sadness. There is nothing in particular a cure for it, else than just gaining a penny of wisdom that it is mere a phase of life and we are the beings born to face this. Be it whoever, everyone has to witness all that has been designed for us.  

When I look back on the pieces of papers that I have actually filled, the poetries that I have penned down and the thoughts that I have poured in, they seem to be strange to me. I kind of get surprised if I were the one behind the pen as at present nothing seems to be happening. Sometimes you just get blank and everything seems to be pointless.

Our past seems to be so strange to us that it’s hard to believe if it has actually happened. We wish that something like this should have never happened or should never happen again. Whether it’s losing someone we had loved dearly or failing an exam that had meant a lot or not getting what we had always desired of. We just keep wishing so many things but all our wishes never come true. Few moments feel like happening out of no where. You never actually have wanted any of these to be happening with you but this is life and this is how it operates itself. We have to witness those pointless moments at the same time when we are wondering if they are actually happening with us. 

So the purpose of writing this is not to remind myself of such times in life but to remind myself that I have survived even that painful phase as well. I am strong enough to regain the strength of standing strong after all the failures and losses, after all the blackholes that I had been into. Reminding myself of my strength will make me stronger for the future life.

So, even when they say that time heals anything and everything, truth is that time doesn’t heal, it just gives you time to make the memory stronger; strong so much so that it gets embossed on our heart and mind. Few memories are just encrypted in the database of our brains. And they will remain their till the system is not formatted. Pretense of hiding the pain and standing strong and better than before lies in our nature. Ultimately we are the ones who have to deal with all our sufferings. 

Today I just appreciate the strength in me which has kept me alive otherwise the “OLD ME” would have never got this opportunity to meet the “NEW ME.” 


Please stay tuned for PART II..♥



Garima Dixit




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