What you seek is seeking you by Rumi

what you seek is seeking you Rumi


“What you seek is seeking you”

– Rumi



what you seek is seeking you rumi


The above quote was quoted by Jalal al-Din Mohammed Rumi who was a 13th-century poet and theologian.  

I personally like Rumi’s writings as I find them really inspirational and uplifting. 

This quote may be interpreted differently by different minds. So, here is my take on it-

When I hear these words- ‘What you seek is seeking you by Rumi’ there is this first thing that appears on my mind- My life purpose is calling me. There is a reason behind all your desires, all your dreams. Why do you want certain things in life? Our life purpose is much higher than what we think and know of. What you seek is seeking you simply means that you have to listen to your inner voice that your soul’s voice, and your intuitions. Things are calling you for a reason. Once you start on that life path, you will start sensing that inner happiness. 

Ultimately what matters is what makes you happy. Find what that is! 

There is a reason behind your birth. You are born for a special role, something that this universe desires from you. Your purpose is calling you. 

I am leaving you here with these great lines to ponder upon.

Love & Light♥

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