Where is my peace of mind? Finding Peace

It happens now and then that have to search for peace of mind. How do I get peace of mind? I do it by adopting various ways like meditating or getting absorbed in my favorite books or getting lost in the music.

Most of the time, finding peace doesn’t remain on the top of my wish list but it occurs to me suddenly and I start craving for it. This is happening to me these days. So thought of writing about it. Maybe in the process of writing about it, I find mine.

We get jobs suiting our needs. Then one day arrives that we start feeling bored of it. We do not want to do it anymore. We do not want to give ourselves another chance wanting to cling to that job. We are doing it just for the sake of doing it. This daily anxiety, work-life balance, stress level, and relentless hours of working make us so tired that there is very little scope left spending moments of peace with ourselves.

When I say ‘Peace of mind,’ what does it exactly mean to you? Peace of mind is the basic state of mind where your mind is tranquil, where no thoughts bother you, where you are no longer bored and stressed out. And where you experience a sense of happiness. Many times we do not understand that we are searching for it or it is something that we do not know that we want. And also it happens sometimes that we are already experiencing it but do not value it.

How to get peace of mind:

Writing about something we love:

We can start by writing about something that we love. Topics that we enjoy or memories that leave a deep impact on our hearts.


how to get peace of mind



Meditation relaxes your body and soothes your mind. It also helps in creating a positive aura around you that attracts other people towards you. For mediation, you need to start working on your concentration. Learn to focus. Once you start meditating, you find yourself more energetic, relaxed, and alive. Where a focused mind is needed for meditation, meditation in turn makes the mind more focused.


how to get a peace of mind


Listening to soft music:

Here I have written soft music because that is something our mind finds soothing. You can listen to the genre of music your mind and heart enjoy. Music relaxes our minds and rejuvenates our neurons.


how to find peace of mind


Being with nature:

This is my personal favorite. I do not know how to convey this in the best way but when the waves touch my feet and I find the sand slowly slipping little by little from below my feet I feel so happy. That feeling is so relaxing and soothing. Also, when I walk on the dew-laden grass in the morning bare-footed, all my worries vaporize at that particular moment. When I watch the sunrises and sunsets, the beautiful hues fill my heart with love. Try this whenever you get any chance of doing this. Maybe you will find your peace of mind doing this.


finding peace


Going on a vacation or a short break from routine work:

This is something that I don’t or rather can’t practice but something that I seriously want to do. There is so much to see and appreciate. So many places to enjoy the greenery around and find the tranquility of mind.


how to get a peace of mind


Stop dwelling on the past:

There are two places where we find ourselves at— Past and Future. We live in our present for a very short while. Although it’s always pleasing to the mind to re-live some old gold memories but avoid sticking for a long time there as you have to create more memories by living your present. Also, it is good to think about your future but again, too much energy expenditure in building castles in the air without actually working for it in your present moment costs your peace of mind.


how to get the peace of mind


Stop holding grudges:

Learn to forgive people even if it seems to be the next impossible task. There is a lot to seep in so try making room in your brains for important take-ins instead of stuffing your mind space with unnecessary grudges or feelings of jealousy and hatred.


stop holding grudges


Stay positive:

Stop being a victim of negative news, negative conversations, and negative visuals. Your mind can stay healthy and bright only if you feed it with positive thoughts instead of stressed and anxious thoughts.


stay positive and happy



Accepting what can’t be changed and moving on in life is what continues the cycle of life. Some things are not in our hands. Spending too much time thinking about those things only becomes the reason of our pains and worries and nothing else.


acceptance is the key


Spend few moments in silence:

When we talk about peace of mind, this is extremely important that you find few moments of silence.

While writing this, I have realized that I have to follow these ground rules myself to find my peace of mind.
Thank you for reading this. Hope! you may get your peace of mind.


power of silence


Have a great day ahead! Stay happy and blessed. 🙂



Garima Dixit


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