This is an imagery of a poetess who compares herself with a leaf. Here the poetess just dives into deep thoughts and questions herself – Who Am I? She is a biologist and thinks from the viewpoint of a biologist. She is hopeful and optimistic. She is cooking her own hope for her soul like a leaf that builds glucose for the plant. She may be surrounded by negativities and hatred but she will still ooze out positivity and love. Whatever circumstances she may be the part of but even in the worst situations, she will be the epitome of life.  


Who am I?

What purpose do I hold?

The biologist in me says that-

I am a leaf of the tree of my soul.

Photosynthesizing for her

The food of hope.







From where does the hope come?
From where comes the light?
Here I bucket them all
In my stroma of delight.

The carbon dioxide of their negativities that I take in,
The oxygen of life that I ooze out.
Into the forest, I transpire my tears.
And I will grow my pneumatophores,
No matter how many times they try to root me out.

I come with my own affirmations,
And my self-proclaimed tags.
Fifty pairs of hands of my dearly dreams I bag.



who am I



As most of my life has gone collecting the twigs of my broken esteem,
I hope that I don’t get to bear a hundred breaking strands of my broken dreams.

You bring autumn to me;
I will still be the only green leaf in my lonely soul tree.


A Poetry By

Garima Dixit



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