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‘Who will live after I die’ is not just a poem, it’s a tribute to all the wonderful writers of all ages who have made a remarkable contribution to this poetry world. There are poems about life that have a deep impact on my heart. There is this poet in me who always thinks that people should always remember me through my poems, my writings, and my words. I appreciate the great poets and authors of all the times like the great Sarojini Naidu, William Shakespeare, Ravindra Nath Tagore, Rumi, and many such beautiful personalities who have left their footprints on our hearts even though they are long gone. This is the kind of afterlife we all want, where we are remembered for our works. This is my tribute to all the beautiful and great writers who are making a huge contribution to this writing community. Their words are inspiring and touching.

I read poetry when I feel low when nothing seems to be alright. There is a special power in poems that fill you up with vigor and vitality.

Let me take you through the afterlife of a poet by walking through its journey:



Who will live after I die?

My poetries in the silver sky.


They will travel through the wind

and reach to the hearts

They will have the fragrance of frangipani flowers

The fount of all the fuchsia stars

Few will have freckles and moon like scars

Should give you softness of dewy grass

They will glide through the waters like the gulls and the fulmars


I want you to remember me through my words

Augmenting your dawn and embellishing your dusk


Like a phoenix rises from its ashes

I will be born again from my verses


Smiling through my tunes

And homing your garden blooms


Who will live after I die?

My poems in the mandala of the sky.


A poetry by

Garima Dixit



poems about life





poems about life



I hope this poem about life and the afterlife will become successful in securing a special place in your heart. Thank you so much for reading it till the end.




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