Would that even matter after years? What matters is

What would matter after years from now? Your repentance on the by-gones. Your forever guilt of making wrong decisions. You are hurt yourself for some unimportant reason. Instead of living in the past forever and living your past mistakes everyday, start living in today. Today is the result of yesterday, and again your future will be the result of today. So start working on your today. Forget what has gone wrong. What could have been, if you would have been. Stop living in your ‘was’ and start living in your ‘is.’ Today what matters is your ‘today’ and ‘you.’


Would that even MATTER after years?

Would that even WORTH being remembered after years?

I am crying right now, I am hurting MYSELF for a waste reason.

Would that REASON even bother me after years?

I am wasting the HOURS which are slipping through my hands…

Would that even worth my SECONDS tomorrow?

And today what is taking away my SLEEP…

Would that even worth a MINUTE of thought after years?

The ROSES in my garden are losing their charm to me…

And the STARS that used to put twinkle in my eyes are losing their shine…

For what?

For some baseless OPINIONS and meaningless questions…

Which wouldn’t even worth ANSWERING after years.

For years few gazes have spoilt my LIFE..

For years few opinions took my SLEEP away…

For years certain PEOPLE have made me feel unworthy about myself…

For YEARS life for me has become ugly and worth giving away.

Today have those people even once bothered asking me If I am ALIVE?

They tried taking away all the HAPPINESS that I deserved… 

A little GIRL in me that they had butchered.

The color of my INK, the yellow pages of yesterday…

My incomplete POETRIES, my torn off diaries.

My broken PEN, my tuneless lyrics…

Why I left walking certain PATHS which were meant for me?

For people who never walked with ME?

For people who never read the CHAPTERS of my life?

But judged from the very BEGINNING what they believed was true.

Listen my DEAR! you don’t need to feel unworthy about any of these…

People like these are always there to destroy your mental PEACE.

You don’t need to GIVE UP…

You don’t need to MIND.

You just need to be strong and wear a charming SMILE…

It will BREAK THEM who want to break you.

It will disturb their minds by seeing you UNDISTURBED.

So today if you think that you are CHANGING yourself for them…

Just THINK what will matter after years?

Tomorrow you may LAUGH on the unnecessary worries that you are carrying today…

The stress that is eating you up, will that even COUNT tomorrow?

What matters is to know what my TODAY is for.

What matters is to know what I am WORTH of.

What matters is to stop degrading my own SELF everyday.

What matters is to STOP giving ears to their opinions and noises.

Because tomorrow only YOU will matter and not them.


A Poetry By

Garima Dixit




What matters is





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