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As I began the story of Pendulum of Life in my previous blogs, let me continue a little further. So it’s kind of interesting. I have always had a burning desire to write. Beginning from a tender age, writing always have flown through my neurons. I have always believed in writing from the Soul for the Soul.


writing thoughtsI almost gave up writing for almost 4 years as I was juggling between my job and tendering my life. In these years there was something which was missing. That connection of my pen with my soul. I tried writing again but it simply did not happen. As if my thought weaving system got kind of blocked. Even any sort of inspiration did not help. My pen found it extremely difficult to carve my thoughts on paper which was quiet unusual years back. So it was this time when even the waves of the ocean or the beautiful sunsets or the silky moonlight did not help me out. Something big was required I guess to position my brain in the writing direction again. And strange but true, I started feeling disconnected with myself. The daily monotonous routine followed. Work, home, work. Mornings started with rushing for office and evenings ended with rushing for home. And the routine followed day in and day out. Many a times, I tried sitting with my old diaries of writings so that at least it inspire me a bit but apart from thinking “how something like this was ever written by me?” nothing followed.



LockdownAnd then the Lockdown happened: Although it is one of the worst years of the whole world but somehow I tried to utilize this period of lockdown in improving my writing skills. On 18th of March my organization declared that we had to be alternatively coming to office. So it was my turn on 18th, 20th, 22nd and so on. Somehow all of us were hoping for getting a complete off for at least a week or till the situation improves. And then on 19th a circular from my office declared that office will be closed till 31st March. Somehow all of us were relaxed with the news. I never thought of spending so much time with my family even in my dreams ever before not even more than 3 days in a row right from college itself. 



writingBeing always pre-occupied with the next day I stopped living a life which was needed. A life where I needed to know more about me. And it happens that when you don’t spend some quality time with your own self, you stop knowing about your soul, your existence, your purpose. There comes a point in life where we start knowing more about the outside world than we do know about the world that exists within us. Something in you starts breaking. You feel like someone is missing you, calling you even when all the important people of your life are around you already.

Who is that someone?

That someone is your soul. Yes, your own soul. Just imagine the pain of someone calling you but its voice getting unheard every time. Listen to your soul, help her revive, help her heal. Something I was ignoring for quiet a many years but after a few days of spending quality time with my loved ones and also with my own self, few of the dots started getting connected.

When you see that the wires are getting connected, thoughts which were earlier getting lost somewhere in the air, get reviving again. 

Today I am writing from my soul. And seriously it feels amazing. Writing from soul gives a special peace of mind to ourselves so why don’t you try penning down something today. Pour your heart out and open up with your soul today. 🙂



Garima Dixit


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